Zomboid Mod Version Mismatch

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Project Zomboid is a popular survival game that has a dedicated fan base. However, players may encounter a common error message: “Workshop Item Version is Different Than Servers”. This error message can be frustrating, especially when it prevents players from joining a server or using certain mods. In this article, we will discuss what causes … Read more

Project Zomboid Enable Dedicated Server Whitelist

How to make your Project Zomboid server private In order to make a Project Zomboid server private, the server settings must be changed. Open server_name(your server name).ini to edit the most common settings. To set a password, locate the Password= line and enter the desired password. Save the file and restart the server. Enabling a … Read more

Utopia Map

Utopia is a charming little town with a mini-mall, bar, and small fishing lake. The town is made up of friendly people ready to welcome visitors. Police Station or Police Storage Locations(GRID) (740, 960, ‘Utopia’), (731, 967, ‘Utopia’) Gun store Locations(GRID) (733, 965, ‘Utopia’) Hardware Store Locations(GRID) (734, 968, ‘Utopia’), (742, 974, ‘Utopia’) Auto Repair … Read more

Categories Map

Set up and hosting a project zomboid server almost free

Crate a digital ocean account with the link below Get started on DigitalOcean with a $200, 60-day credit for new users. <<—— Click Here (To active your account. you need to make a small pre-payment ($5) for verification purposes. This pre-payment will apply to future bills) Create A Droplet Click the Droplet panel then click … Read more

Vanilla Full Map(Beat)

WestPoint(GIRD:1197, 689) RoseWood(GIRD:814, 1173) Riverside(GIRD:645, 531) Muldraugh(GIRD:1061, 976) March Ridge(GIRD:1011, 1272) Louisville(GIRD:1297, 223)

The Best Builds For Beginners

Carpenter build Chosen Traits Cost  Pacifist +4  Prone to illness +4  Smoker +4  Weak Stomach +3  Fast Reader(or  Dextrous) -2  Fast Learner -6  Handy -8 Major Skills Skill Level XP Multiplier Fitness 5 – Strength 5 – Carpentry 4 125% Short Blunt Weapons 1 75% Maintenance 1 75% The Carpenter build is great for beginners … Read more

Health Dropping What To Do In Project Zomboid

In the game Project Zomboid, players must navigate a world overrun by zombies and survive by scavenging for resources, building shelters, and defending themselves against the undead. However, one of the most important elements of survival is maintaining good health. In this article, we will discuss the various causes of health dropping and how to … Read more

The Helicopter Event In Project Zomboid

The helicopter event in Project Zomboid is a major challenge that occurs between days six and nine of the game, typically between nine am or seven pm. The helicopter will make multiple passes on the same day, spending one to four hours in the area. This event can be a major threat to players, as … Read more