Project Zomboid Foraging Guide

Foraging in Project Zomboid is a skill that allows players to find and gather various items from the environment. By right-clicking on a suitable area such as a woodland or grassland, players can search for items that can aid in their survival. The results of foraging are now dependent on the player’s skill level, with … Read more

project zomboid server settings

# Players can hurt and kill other players PVP=true # Game time stops when there are no players online PauseEmpty=true # Toggles global chat on or off. GlobalChat=true ChatStreams=s,r,a,w,y,sh,f,all # Clients may join without already having an account in the whitelist. If set to false, administrators must manually create username/password combos. Open=true # The first … Read more

how to add mods to project zomboid server

For local, hosted server. Adding mods to a local, hosted server is a simple process. To begin, you must be subscribed to the mods that you wish to add to the server. Then, navigate to the hosted server’s settings and adjust the Mods tabs to activate the mods you desire. Simply save the server settings … Read more

3Ways to fix project zomboid multiplayer code 5

Error code 5 is a null pointer error that occurs when running the ProjectZomboidServer.bat file. This can be fixed by deleting the erosion.ini file, which is located in the %username%\zomboid\multiplayer\servertest folder. Error code 5 is an issue with a user’s connection not reaching the server. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including … Read more

Troubleshooting a server that is stuck on initializing

There are a few things you can try if you’re having trouble hosting a world or starting the game. To begin, ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements. Second, restart your computer and/or download and install the most recent Project Zomboid updates. If that doesn’t work, try the following suggestions: -If you are having … Read more

How to add spawn point locations in multiplayer

How to determine coordinates for spawn points This can be done by using a map tool like the one located at Press “Grid”, Then select the point you want your spawn point to be. some green lines should appear. find the coordinates (you need the value of the grid that looks like this: “1304, … Read more