Project Zomboid Louisville Online Map

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Louisville(GIRD:1297, 223)

The Best Base Locations in Louisville

How to Spawn in Louisville:

Louisville Spawnpoints Mod

Pillow’s Random Spawns

Fenced mansions (Grid:1415, 261)

These three houses are the most defensible base location and perfect for players who are looking to base together with others in multiple buildings. There is a singular entrance that is incredibly easy to block off with just one double door gate and one wood wall. This keeps out all the zombies from getting on your lawn. It comes with its own small lake and a propane barbecue.

The Pawn Shop (Grid:1237, 148)

It is fully furnished with bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and everything you need. The front is reinforced and the side has a tall fence making it secure. The only thing that is not closed off is the back part of the building, but you can place your car there to protect it.

Sunset Pines Funeral Home (Grid:1316, 152)

The Funeral Home is a great base location for survivors because it has tons of furniture to disassemble, operations rooms, a fridge, and metal beds. It is also surrounded by loads of stores, making it easy to find everything you need to survive. The gas station is just two blocks away, making it a convenient place to refuel.

The U-Store It (Grid:1366, 162)

It has plenty of space to store supplies, and there are several nearby buildings that offer useful amenities. The water dispensers in the office supply store are a great source of water, and the minimall has a small watch store that is perfect for leveling up the electrical skill. The dentist office has a lot of medicine, and the gun shop is a great place to get weapons. The VHS store is also a great place to get skill tapes.

The Riding School (Grid:1304, 282)

The Riding School is a great base location for those who want to be in the middle of the city but also close to the woods. It is secluded but close to all the city amenities, making it the perfect location for a base setup. The Riding School has stables, horse training grounds, an armory, storage rooms, beds, bathrooms, and a welcoming area, making it a great location for all your base needs.

Riverside Houses (Grid:1203, 259)

If you’re looking for a large, luxurious house with plenty of space for storing all your apocalypse supplies, this riverside house on the west side of Louisville is perfect for you. With a three-car garage and multiple storage areas, you’ll have plenty of room to store everything you need, and the fireplace is a nice touch for those cold winter nights. The only downside is that zombies can get into the backyard, so be sure to block off the back entrance with some walls to keep them out.

Some Great Locations:

Army Surplus

(Grid:1223, 132)

Police Station

(Grid:1247, 162) (Grid:1203, 259) (Grid:1295, 138) (Grid:1378, 255) (Grid:1321, 308)

Gun Store

(Grid:1232, 133) (Grid:1236, 172) (Grid:1355, 127) (Grid:1359, 153) (Grid:1396, 323)

VHS Store

Grid:(1243, 282)
Located on the west side of Louisville near the horse track

Grid:(1279, 121)
Located on the north side of Louisville, near the river

Grid:(1342, 129)
Located in the northeast corner of Louisville, near the Grand Ohio Mall

Military Checkpoint

(Grid:1251, 419)

Fire Station

(Grid:1394, 304) (Grid:1369, 177) (Grid:1235, 176)


(Grid:1357, 131) (Grid:1334, 305)


(Grid:1241, 159)

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