Metalworking in Project Zomboid: Tips and Tricks

Metalworking is an incredibly useful skill that can be used to fortify homes and other structures, create metal containers and objects, repair vehicles, and take apart metallic items. To begin learning metalworking, you’ll need a propane torch and welding mask.

Where to find scrap metal

There is no reliable way to obtain scrap metal on a regular basis as it is mainly found in uncommon places such as garages, sheds, and storage units.

You can also try disassembling washing machines/dryers and kitchen ovens. However, scrap metal is quite difficult to find in large quantities.

It seems that the better the metalworking skill of a character is, the less chance they can get scrap metal. This is not ideal as it makes the profession quite unviable at high levels.

A mod that allows you to create scrap from metal sheets can be a scavenger’s best friend. This would not be too many so that it does not feel like cheating and obtaining 5 scraps from cutting a small sheet should be achievable.

Empty Can into Scrap Metal Let you make scrap metal from cans.

The basics of metalworking: equipment, materials, and leveling

In metalworking, the primary equipments you will need are a propane torch and welding mask for basic construction or disassembly. welding rods for construction, and a propane tank for filling the propane torch. Materials for metal working are metal sheets, small metal sheets, metal bars, metal pipes, scrap metal, and wire.

How to disassemble objects for XP and materials

How to level up metal working quickly

objects in the world can be disassembled by right-clicking them with a propane torch and welding mask equipped. Depending on your skill level, one of three things can happen: Regular materials + scrap metal will be awarded, only scrap metal will be awarded (partial failure), or no items will be awarded (total failure). The full experience amount will be given in all cases.

You can disassemble objects like toilets, sinks, showers, ovens, refrigerators, metal shelves, dumpsters car wrecks, and a lot more. The best way of fast and safe XP is going to be a big public toilet in any building and disassembling both male and female toilets will yield you a lot of XP. Other than that houses always have a toilet and a kitchen where you can disassemble ovens and fridges so just keep disassembling and after you get a few levels you will be able to gain a good amount of material from it.

I would also recommend going to a School for disassembling. There’re a lot of Lockers and Toilettes, which gives you easy LVL 2–3 if you take a break to read the next book. Also, disassemble the big Tables for massive Carpentry XP. With a fast learner and the beginner Book, you can get level 2 very quickly.

List of objects that can be disassembled

Below is a list of some of the objects that can be taken apart, with the base XP beside each object:

  • Car Wreck – Varying XP, depends on vehicle type
  • Dumpster – 5 XP
  • Large Metal Shelf – 5 XP
  • Bath – 5 XP
  • Fridge – 3.75 XP
  • Vending Machine – 3.75 XP
  • Big Locker – 2.5 XP
  • Bin – 2.5 XP
  • File Cabinet – 2.5 XP
  • Metal Door – 2.5 XP
  • Large Locker – 2.5 XP
  • Oven – 2.5 XP
  • Steel Counter – 2.5 XP
  • Road Sign – 2.5 XP
  • Clothing Dryer – 2.5 XP
  • Washing Machine – 2.5 XP
  • Chest Freezer – 2.5 XP
  • Charcoal BBQ – 1.25 XP
  • Small Locker – 1.25 XP
  • Microwave – 1.25 XP
  • Shower – 1.25

The pros and cons of metalworking compared to carpentry

There are a few key differences between metalworking and carpentry that you should be aware of before deciding which is right for you. Metalworking generally requires more expensive equipment, such as a propane torch and welding mask, but can create stronger structures. Carpentry is usually cheaper and easier to get into, but your creations won’t be as durable.

Here are some pros and cons of each to help you decide which is right for you:


-PROS: -Can create stronger structures -Buildings made with metal are more fire resistant

-CONS: -More expensive equipment is required -Construction can be more dangerous -Leveling up your skills takes longer


-PROS: -Cheaper equipment -Quick and easy to get started -Less dangerous than metalworking

-CONS: -Structures not as strong or durable -More susceptible to fire damage

The different uses for metalworking in Project Zomboid

Metalworking is a skill in Project Zomboid that allows players to work with metal. This can be used for repairing cars, welding windows shut, building chain link fences, and crafting blunt weapons. Metalworking can be used to complement other skills such as mechanics and carpentry.

The pros and cons of using metalworking for base defense

Metalworking can be used for base defense in Project Zomboid, but mainly it is used to repair cars and build fences. It has some other benefits, but these are mostly not important for base defense. There are also some disadvantages to using metalworking for base defense, most notably that it is not very efficient, and is expensive relative to other options.

How metalworking can be used to complement other skills

Metalworking can be used to complement other skills, such as Mechanics. As your metalworking skill increases, you’ll be able to build different types of structures, including chain link fences. These structures are walls that you can see through, which can be helpful for keeping an eye on zombies.

Metalworking tips and tricks

-You will need a propane torch and welding mask for basic construction or disassembly. -For metalworking, you will need metal sheets, small metal sheets, metal bars, metal pipes, scrap metal, and wire. You can find these materials or get them from disassembling objects. -Leveling is similar to carpentry build or disassemble. There is no tv show to boost it so you will have to do it yourself. -Books are essential for learning more about metalworking. The first two levels of disassembling will only yield XP, not materials. -Pole fences and wire fences take fire damage, while gate fences do not.


Metalworking is an important skill in Project Zomboid. It can be used for repairing cars, building fences, and crafting blunt weapons. Leveling up your metalworking skill takes time, but is similar to carpentry builds or disassembles. The best way to level up quickly is to find objects to disassemble and practice repairing cars.

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