Medical Supplies


Icon  Name Weight       Effect          Item ID   
AntibioticsAntibiotics0.1Fights wound infections. Cannot prevent zombification.  Base.Antibiotics 
AntidepressantsAntidepressants0.2  Reduces unhappiness over a sustained period.   Base.PillsAntiDep 
Beta BlockersBeta Blockers0.2      Reduces panic.       Base.PillsBeta 
CigarettesCigarettes0.005   Smoke for a slight reduction to stress.     Base.Cigarettes 
PainkillersPainkillers0.2     Reduces feelings of pain.        Base.Pills 
Sleeping TabletsSleeping Tablets0.2Helps in getting to sleep. Useful when anxious or in pain.Base.PillsSleepingTablets
Vitamins  Vitamins 0.2Provides a burst of energy when taken. Reduces fatigue.  Base.PillsVitamins


IconNameWeightEffectItem ID
Adhesive BandagesAdhesive Bandages0.05Stops bleeding and increases rate of healing.Base.Bandaid
BandageBandage0.1Stops bleeding and increases rate of healing.Base.Bandage
Sterilized BandageSterilized Bandage0.1Stops bleeding and increases rate of healing. Decreases chance of infection.Base.AlcoholBandage
Dirty BandageDirty Bandage0.1Stops bleeding. Increased chance of infection.Base.BandageDirty
Denim StripsDenim Strips0.05Stops bleeding and increases rate of healing.Base.DenimStrips
Denim StripsDirty Denim Strips0.05Stops bleeding and increases rate of healing.Base.DenimStripsDirty
Leather StripsLeather Strips0.05Stops bleeding and increases rate of healing.Base.LeatherStrips
Leather StripsDirty Leather Strips0.05Stops bleeding and increases rate of healing.Base.LeatherStripsDirty
Ripped SheetsRipped Sheets0.05Stops bleeding and increases rate of healing.Base.RippedSheets
Sterilized RagSterilized Rag0.05Stops bleeding and increases rate of healing. Decreases chance of infection.Base.AlcoholRippedSheets
Dirty RagDirty Rag0.05Stops bleeding. Increased chance of infection.Base.RippedSheetsDirty
SplintSplint1.0Aids recovery from broken bones. Reduces time taken to heal.Base.Splint


IconNameWeightEffectItem ID
Alcohol WipesAlcohol Wipes0.2Used to sterilize wounds and aid recovery from infection.Base.AlcoholWipes
Bottle of DisinfectantBottle of Disinfectant0.3Fights wound infection. Use on Bandage to improve healing.Base.Disinfectant
Cotton Balls Doused in AlcoholCotton Balls Doused in Alcohol0.1Used to sterilize wounds and aid recovery from infection.Base.AlcoholedCottonBalls
BourbonBourbon0.7Fights wound infection. Use on Bandage to improve healing.Base.WhiskeyFull


IconNameWeightEffectItem ID
Black SageBlack Sage0.1Provides mild pain relief.Base.BlackSage
ComfreyComfrey0.1Aids recovery from broken bones when applied as a poultice.Base.Comfrey
Common MallowCommon Mallow0.1Eat to relieve cold and flu symptoms.Base.CommonMallow
GinsengGinseng0.1Eat to restore endurance.Base.Ginseng
LemongrassLemongrass0.1Eat to soothe bouts of food poisoning.Base.LemonGrass
PlantainPlantain0.1Aids recovery from wounds when applied as a poultice.Base.Plantain
Wild GarlicWild Garlic0.1Helps to fight against infection when applied as poultice.Base.WildGarlic


IconNameWeightEffectItem ID
Comfrey PoulticeComfrey Poultice0.2Aids recovery from broken bones when applied as a poultice.Base.ComfreyCataplasm
Plantain PoulticePlantain Poultice0.2Aids recovery from wounds when applied as a poultice.Base.PlantainCataplasm
Wild Garlic PoulticeWild Garlic Poultice0.2Helps to fight against infection when applied as poultice.Base.WildGarlicCataplasm

Medical Equipment

IconNameWeightEffectItem ID
Bath TowelBath Towel0.3Used to dry self when wet.Base.BathTowel
Cotton BallsCotton Balls0.1Base.CottonBalls
Dish ClothDish Towel0.3Used to dry self when wet.Base.DishCloth
Suture NeedleSuture Needle0.1Used to stitch deep wounds.Base.SutureNeedle
Suture Needle HolderSuture Needle Holder0.1Improves the success rate of suture needles.Base.SutureNeedleHolder
TissueTissue0.1Mutes the effects of colds.Base.Tissue
TweezersTweezers0.1Used to extract broken glass and bullets.Base.Tweezers

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