What Does Pain Do In Project Zomboid And How to cure

“Pain” is a type of “Moodle” in Project Zomboid. Left untreated, it can kill the player. You might get confused or panic when your character is in pain. If you don’t know how to effectively deal with this moodle, you came to the right place! I will guide you on how you can reduce the pain status. This will ensure your survival in Project Zomboid!

Project Zomboid Pain Solution

What is Pain

You will get inflicted by the pain status if your character is either suffering from a wound, injuries or fatigue. The degree of pain depends upon the severity of the wound. A player suffering from severe pain cannot fall asleep. As such, you will either have to use “Painkillers” or “Sleeping Tablets” to reduce pain and fall asleep. 


Stages of Pain

There are 4 stages of Pain. Each is described below.

  • Minor Pain

In this state, the player only feels mild pain. Negative effects upon the character are practically negligible.

  • Pain

In this state, the pain has increased. “Movement”, “Attack Speed” or “Melee Damage” is slightly reduced. 

  • Severe Pain

A character in this state will be in significant pain, resulting in a moderate reduction in your movement, attack speed or melee damage.

  • Agony

A character suffering from agony is in extreme pain. Movement, attack speed or melee damage are severely decreased and you cannot fall asleep.

How to Treat Pain

The best method of treating pain is the use of high-grade medical dressings. The following can be quite effective:

  • Painkillers

Painkillers can temporarily suppress pain. Furthermore, they also remove any negative effects associated with pain.

  • Sleeping Tablets

Consuming these tablets will cause drowsiness and help you fall asleep. This can be extremely useful when suffering from severe pain.

  • Black Sage

This can be used when you have no painkillers available. It effectively reduces pain by 7 points.