Project Zomboid Room Defines and Item Spawns

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Room Defines and Item Spawns aesthetic Container Items counter Bath Towel, Comb, Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray, Razor, Scissors crate Bath Towel, Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray metalshelves Bath Towel, Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray aestheticstorage Container Items crate Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray metalshelves Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray armyhanger Container Items counter Ball Peen Hammer, Battery, Blow Torch, Club Hammer, Crowbar, Duct Tape, Electric Wire, Electronics Scrap, Extinguisher, Flashlight, Hammer, Lead Pipe, Light Bulb, Metal Pipe, Pipe Wrench, Rope, Scrap Metal, Screwdriver, Screws, Sledgehammer, Tarp, Toolbox, Torch, Welding Rods, Wire, Wrench locker Beret Army, Boilersuit Flying, Dust Mask, Ear Muff Protectors, Glasses Aviators, Glasses … Read more

Medical Supplies

Pharmaceuticals Icon   Name  Weight        Effect           Item ID    Antibiotics 0.1 Fights wound infections. Cannot prevent zombification.   Base.Antibiotics  Antidepressants 0.2   Reduces unhappiness over a sustained period.    Base.PillsAntiDep  Beta Blockers 0.2       Reduces panic.        Base.PillsBeta  Cigarettes 0.005    Smoke for a … Read more

Item Books

Leisure Icon Literature Weight Boredom Change Unhappy Change Stress Change Item ID Book 0.5 -50 -40 -40 Base.Book Comic Book 0.1 -30 -20 -20 Base.ComicBook HottieZ 0.2 -40 0 -50 Base.HottieZ Magazine 0.2 -20 0 -15 Base.Magazine Newspaper 0.1 -15 0 -15 Base.Newspaper Notebooks The purpose of a notebook is to allow you to write … Read more

Item Weapons

Axe Icon Name Weight Damage Range Swing Time Critical Hit Chance Knockback Knockdown Durability Item Id HandAxe 2 0.7-1.5 0.61-1.1 4 15 0.3 2 150 Base.HandAxe AxeStone 1.2 0.5-1.5 0.61-1.2 3.0 15 0.3 1.5 25 Base.AxeStone PickAxe 3 1-2.2 0.61-1.6 3.0 25 0.3 2 260 Base.PickAxe Axe 3 0.8-2 0.61-1.2 3.0 20 0.3 2 455 … Read more

Item Bag List

For example, a bag with a capacity of 5 and a 50% weight-bearing rate will only allow a board with a weight of 3 to be placed in it. However, if the player equips this bag on his body, the contents of the bag will only weigh 1.5. Each type of backpack has a percentage … Read more

How do you get planks in project zomboid?

Wooden planks are a valuable resource in Project Zomboid, used for building structures, crafting items, and even serving as fuel. In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to get planks, the many uses of wooden planks in the game, and the tools you’ll need to gather them. There are a few ways to get wood … Read more

What is a club hammer used for in project zomboid?

The club hammer is a short, blunt weapon that is used for combat in Project Zomboid. While it may seem tempting to use the club hammer to barricade windows or perform other building tasks, it’s important to note that this weapon is not well-suited for those purposes. Unlike the hammer, ball-peen hammer, or stone hammer, … Read more

How To Get Thread In Project Zomboid

How to use thread in tailoring Thread is used in tailoring to repair clothes. Each application of padding or patch uses 1 unit of thread. How to use thread in carpentry In carpentry, thread is required in crafting a mattress. How to use thread in first aid Thread can be used to sew up wounds, … Read more

Duffel Bag Capacity And Locations In Project Zomboid

In the survival game Project Zomboid, players must navigate a world overrun by zombies while gathering resources and fighting for their lives. One important aspect of gameplay is inventory management, and having a good bag to carry your items is crucial. Duffel bags are a type of wearable bag that can help you carry more … Read more