How do you get planks in project zomboid?

Wooden planks are a key component in Project Zomboid. They can be used to make doors, door frames, window frames, crates, stairs, and barricades. Planks used as barricades use their current health as part of the barricade. In addition to their construction uses, wooden planks can also be used as fuel for some heat sources.

How do you get planks in project zomboid?

There are a few ways to get wood in the game. One is to chop down trees with an axe; another way is to find them in warehouses, sheds, crates, etc.

Get Planks

Wooden planks can also be obtained by ripping away barricades on houses; however, the best way to get wood is to chop down trees and then use a saw to make planks. You’ll get a lot more planks from a tree than you will from a door. The best weapon to chop down trees and get wood with is the axe. Just be careful and do a perimeter search around your place before getting wood.

The many uses of the plank: from fuel to furniture

In Project Zomboid, wood is a valuable resource that can be used for building homes and structures, as well as for crafting various items.

A plank cannot be repaired, but nails do not lower the durability of the plank, making it a reliable construction material. Planks can also be used as traps, and are effective weapons when wielded as a club.

How to make a plank: sawing logs into planks

To make a plank, the first step is to find a tree and chop it down. Once the tree is down, use a saw to cut the log into planks. It is best to do this close to home, as it can be dangerous to travel with logs. You can cut a log into 3 planks.

Use mods to reduce the weight of the wooden or planks

50% Wood Weight mod reduces the weight of certain wooden items by 50%. This includes logs, planks, and a few other related items. As a result, these items will be much easier to carry around, making them more versatile and convenient.

ItemOld WeightNew Weight
Logs Stack: 263
Logs Stack: 394.5
Logs Stack: 4126
Notched Wooden Plank:0.50.25
Spiked Plank:3.11.6
Tree Branch:10.5
Unusable Wood:10.5

How to get wood planks without a saw or axe

You can also get wood planks by disassembling doors with a Hammer and Screwdriver. This is a loud method, but it is the best way to get wood if you don’t have a saw or an axe.

Where to find an axe

Finding an axe in the game can be quite rare, but they are most often found in storage crates. These crates are usually located in warehouses and storage facilities. A good place to pick up a few axes would be at the hardware store.

Where to find a saw

Saws can be found in warehouses, sheds, or crates. However, they are also attracting a horde of zombies. It is best to use saws in areas that are already cleared out.

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