Duffel Bag Capacity And Locations In Project Zomboid

In the survival game Project Zomboid, players must navigate a world overrun by zombies while gathering resources and fighting for their lives. One important aspect of gameplay is inventory management, and having a good bag to carry your items is crucial. Duffel bags are a type of wearable bag that can help you carry more items without becoming over-encumbered.

There are several different types of bags that can be used in Project Zomboid. Handheld bags include the garbage bag, sack, plastic bag, handbag, tote bag, and suitcase. Wearable bags include the satchel, school bag, duffel bag, golf bag, trauma bag, hiking bag, big hiking bag, large backpack, and military backpack. Of these options, the duffel bag is a good choice for its high capacity (18 slots) and weight reduction (65).

To use a duffel bag, you’ll need to find one in the game world and pick it up. You can find duffel bags in various locations such as armysurplus, camping, fishingstorage, hunting, and pawnshops. Once you’ve found a duffel bag, you can equip it by clicking on it in your inventory and selecting the “Wear” option. You’ll then see an icon for the duffel bag appear on the right side of your inventory screen.

If you’re having trouble seeing the duffel bag icon, it may be blending in with the background of the inventory screen. In this case, try adjusting the brightness of your screen to see if that helps make the icon more visible.

Keep in mind that the duffel bag will reduce the effectiveness of two-handed weapons, so you may want to consider using a backpack as your main survival bag and reserving the duffel bag for looting missions. There are a few different types of backpacks to choose from, including the large backpack, military backpack, and big hiking bag. These options have high capacities and weight reductions, making them ideal for carrying a large number of items.

There are several ways to increase your character’s carry weight in Project Zomboid. One method is to use multiple small bases and rotate which items you carry with you. This allows you to store more items at each base and reduces the amount you need to carry at once. Another option is to choose the organized trait for your character, which increases the container inventory capacity and allows you to carry more items without becoming over-encumbered.

It’s important to pay attention to the weight limits of each container in the game. If you try to carry more items than your character’s carrying weight limit allows, you’ll become over-encumbered and will have difficulty moving around. To avoid this, be sure to regularly check your character’s inventory and adjust what you’re carrying as needed.

Increased container inventory capacity. (+30%, including car seats)

Handheld Bags:

BagCapacityWeight Reduction
Garbage Bag2010
Bowling Ball Bag220
Seed Bag530
Plastic Bag830
Tote Bag1250

Wearable Bags:

BagCapacityWeight Reduction
School Bag1560
Duffel Bag1865
Golf Bag1865
Trauma Bag1865
Hiking Bag2070
Big Hiking Bag2280
Large Backpack2785
Military Backpack2887
Fanny Pack150

Where to find the duffel bags

LocationQuantityContainerspawn change
Duffel Bags

In conclusion, duffel bags are a useful item to have in Project Zomboid. They offer a high capacity and weight reduction, making them a good choice for carrying a large number of items. Remember to pay attention to the weight limits of each container, and use multiple small bases or the organized trait to increase your character’s carry weight as needed. With careful inventory management, you’ll be well-equipped to survive in the zombie-infested world of Project Zomboid.

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