Duffel Bag Capacity And Locations In Project Zomboid

project zomboid duffel bag not working

Some player says that it seems that the duffel bag in the game Project Zomboid does not work as intended. There is supposed to be an icon that appears on the right side of the inventory screen, but this is not appearing for some reason.

The duffel bag may be blending in with the background of the inventory management screen, making it difficult to see.

The different types of bags in “Project Zomboid”

There are different types of bags that can be used in Project Zomboid. The worst bags are the garbage bag and the sack, which only have 10 weight reduction. The plastic bag is better, with 8 slots and 30 weight reduction. The handbag is the same as the plastic bag but has a 40 weight reduction. The tote bag has 12 slots and 50 weight reduction, and the suitcase has 16 slots and 50 weight reduction.

Handheld Bags:

BagCapacityWeight Reduction
Garbage Bag2010
Bowling Ball Bag220
Seed Bag530
Plastic Bag830
Tote Bag1250

These are the important handheld bags from worst to best. The satchel is the worst wearable bag, with only 15 slots but 30 weight reduction. The school bag has 15 slots as well, but 60 weight reduction.

Wearable Bags:

BagCapacityWeight Reduction
School Bag1560
Duffel Bag1865
Golf Bag1865
Trauma Bag1865
Hiking Bag2070
Big Hiking Bag2280
Large Backpack2785
Military Backpack2887
Fanny Pack150

Where to find the duffel bags

LocationQuantityContainerspawn change

How to choose the right bag for your needs

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right bag for your needs in Project Zomboid. First, you need to decide if you want multiple bags or just one big bag. Multiple bags can help reduce weight and boost capacity, but they can also be more difficult to manage. If you choose a single big bag, make sure it is equipped in some way so that it doesn’t add extra weight to your contents. Additionally, keep in mind that a bag carried in your hand will reduce the effectiveness of two-handed weapons. For these reasons, it is often best to choose a backpack as your main survival bag, and then carry a smaller bag for looting missions.

Duffel Bags

How to increase your carry weight in Project Zomboid

There are a few ways to increase your character’s carry weight in Project Zomboid. One way is to have multiple small bases set up across the map and travel between them with a vehicle. This allows you to store more items at each base, and you can rotate what you take with you so that you’re not carrying too much at once.

The organized trait in Project Zomboid allows players to store more items in their inventory by increasing the container capacity. This is useful for carrying more items without being weighed down.

Increased container inventory capacity. (+30%, including car seats)

How storage weight capacity works in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid has a weight limit for each container in the game. If a character tries to carry more items than their carrying weight limit allows, they will become over-encumbered and will not be able to move as quickly or easily.

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