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West Point(GIRD:1197, 689)

West Point is a dangerous town, but the rewards for those who are brave enough to venture out and take what they desire are plentiful. With that in mind, here are some base points and loot areas to consider if you’re looking to set up a base in West Point

Best Base Locations For West Point:

Lake House(Grid:1014, 665):

The lake house is one of the most valuable resources in the town, with three large spacious houses to choose from as well as a small cabin to the south. This place holds a lot of value first is the fact that the house themselves can spawn quite a boon of loot. Second is the fact that you’re on top of a lake this is a practically unlimited source of fish and water. If you build a piping system to pump water from rain collector bales to a downstairs sink you can have an unlimited supply of clean water with only a couple extra steps.

The lake also has a large abundance of fish even in the winter, and there’s also the river just slightly to the north. Third is the fact that the houses are surrounded by woodland making this also a fertile area for foraging. You could forage for a chipped stone and a tree branch, sharpen the tree branch using a chipped stone and use the spear to fish there is also plenty of land to make farms here as well.

Using the back roads leading out of here you can sneak past west point and make it to the rather isolated gas station car lot and spiffer burger this will provide an unlimited supply of gasoline for your car and generator as long as you remember to not let the fuel get too low.

Twiggy’s Bar & West Point Gun Store(Grid:1207, 676):

Twiggy’s Bar is a popular base point in West Point and the fact it has a gun store (Grid:1206, 375) right beside it is a bonus. It is also near a very common spawn point that being the hotel and the construction site. There’s also a gigamart nearby, so you can stock up on food. Additionally, there are often zombies in this area.

Hardware Store(Grid:1183, 691):

This location is great for those that want a quick start in the game. Almost everything you’ll need will be installed already, but it won’t come for free. There are often zombies in this area, so be prepared. You can also choose to destroy the stairs, which leaves you completely and utterly unreachable on the upper floor. The ground floor will also have a lot of useful supplies, like food, water, and magazines/books to learn from. Great for getting an early advantage. There is also a gas station across the street.

School(Grid:1134, 677):

The school is a great place to raid for supplies and weapons, but be careful because former students are hungry and ready to take down any intruders. There are a lot of blind spots that make it easy to get ambushed, especially in the dark. The neighborhood located nearby to the school is made up almost entirely of nice two-story homes with garages, which can be a treasure trove of almost anything you can think of. Makes it almost guaranteed to find at least a hammer a saw.

Storage center(Grid:1212, 701):

The storage center is a great place to base yourself, as it is almost entirely surrounded by high fences. This makes it an excellent place to protect yourself from the wilds of West Point. The center of the storage center also has a good distribution of random loot, so you can find everything you need to survive in this dangerous town.

Some Other Great Location You May Want To Check:

Police Station:

Grid:1190, 694


Grid:1213, 708

Gas Station:

Grid:1208, 714

Grid:1182, 688

Auto Shop:

Grid:1189, 680

Grid:1227, 693

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