Strike Fear in Zombies: Long Blunt Weapons in PZ

When it comes to zombie destruction weapons, there are many options to choose from. Here is a compiled a list of the five best long blunt weapons to help you identify which one is right for you.

The fifth on the list is the electric bass, a heavy weapon with a critical hit rate of 70% and the highest durability out of all instruments. It is not easy to obtain, and those with a lower physique need to pay special attention to stamina control in order to use it effectively.

The fourth is the garden hoe, with good damage, critical strike rate, and long attack range. However, it has a base damage rate of 1/10 which needs to be taken into consideration.

The third is the advanced version of the snow shovel/shovel hoe, which has better damage and a critical strike rate. The attack range is the same as the two weapons introduced above at 1.6 titles. It is easy to obtain and can be used as a digging tool for farming.

The second place is the spiked baseball bats. What is the most terrifying weapon in the zombie apocalypse? Spiked baseball bats definitely top the list! It is relatively easy to obtain and has a critical hit of up to 5 times, making it a great weapon for novices.

The first is the crowbar, the headshot artifact in the game. It has the highest 6 times critical strike damage among long blunt weapons, and it is the highest in durability. It can be swung an average of about 1,000 times without any maintenance skills before being damaged. It is also easy to obtain and has a special purpose in logistics.

In addition to the list above, the special-ranking blunt weapon is the sledgehammer. It has the second-highest damage power in the game and is not affected by any negative status that reduces the critical strike rate. Its durability is quite good, however, it is a heavy weapon and requires stamina to swing. It is not easy to kill a chicken with a sledgehammer, and it is a key item in the game. It is better to keep the sledgehammer to tear down walls as it can be used for other purposes.

Overall, Depending on your purpose, each weapon has its own unique benefits which can make all the difference in the zombie apocalypse.

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