How to level up the electrical skill in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, the electrical skill is an important aspect of gameplay that allows players to craft electronic devices and hot-wire vehicles. Here’s a guide on how to level up this skill and make the most of it in the game.

To level up the electrical skill in Project Zomboid, you can use a screwdriver to dismantle electronic devices, such as CD players and cordless phones. You can also fix generators using electronics scrap, which will grant you experience points. Reading electricity skill books will also increase the rate at which you gain experience by adding a multiplier based on your skill level. For example, after reading the “Electricity for Beginners” book, you’ll receive a multiplier for completing level 1 and 2 electrical tasks.

There are several occupations and traits in the game that offer electrical skill bonuses, which can help you level up faster. For example, the electrician occupation grants a 125% experience multiplier, while the engineer occupation provides a 75% multiplier. You can choose these occupations when creating your character to take advantage of these bonuses.

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To grind efficiently for electrical skill, you may want to consider installing an auto-pickup mod, which will help you automatically collect disassembled electronic items, such as digital watches. After you’ve amassed a sufficient number of these items, you can then read some electricity books and start dismantling them to gain experience.

Alternatively, you can create a character with the burglar occupation in the same game save and then switch back to your main character after hot-wiring a vehicle. This can be a quick way to level up your electrical skill if you only need it for this specific task.

There are many different objects that can be dismantled for electrical experience in Project Zomboid, including TVs, air conditioners, and more. Simply find a screwdriver and use it to dismantle these objects or use the right-click dismantle option. Watches are a particularly useful item to look for, as they can be looted from enemy corpses. Alternatively, you can search residential areas for smaller objects that can be dismantled.

The electrical skill can be extremely useful in Project Zomboid, especially since the addition of vehicles. If you have at least level 1 electrical and level 2 mechanics, you’ll be able to hot-wire any vehicle, providing a valuable means of transportation or escape.

There are several types of recipe magazines and skill books related to electrical work in Project Zomboid that you may want to seek out. The Electronics Magazine, Engineer Magazine, and Guerilla Radio are the main magazines available, each offering a unique set of recipes. These magazines, as well as skill books like “Electricity for Beginners” and “Advanced Electrical,” can be found in mailboxes and bookshelves around the world and provide an experience multiplier to help you level up quickly.

CD Player
Cordless Phone
Digital Watch
TV Remote
Video Game
Home Alarm
Motion Sensor
ValuTech Radio
Premium Technologies Radio
Electric Wire
Light Bulb
Radio Receiver
Radio Transmitter
Scanner Module
Ham Radio
Antique Television
ValuTech Television
Premium Technologies Television
Green Light Bulb
Red Light Bulb
Electrical Skill

Table of Contents


Electricity for BeginnersProvides an XP Multiplier upon the completion of reading. This book is for level 1 and 2 Electrical.
Electricity for IntermediatesProvides an XP Multiplier upon the completion of reading. This book is for level 3 and 4 Electrical.
Advanced ElectricalProvides an XP Multiplier upon the completion of reading. This book is for level 5 and 6 Electrical.
Expert ElectricityProvides an XP Multiplier upon the completion of reading. This book is for level 7 and 8 Electrical.
Master ElectricityProvides an XP Multiplier upon the completion of reading. This book is for level 9 and 10 Electrical.


Electronics Magazine Vol.1Make Remote Controller V1, Make Remote Controller V2, Make Remote Controller V3
Electronics Magazine Vol.2Make Timer, Add Timer
Electronics Magazine Vol.3Add Motion Sensor V1, Add Motion Sensor V2, Add Motion Sensor V3
Electronics Magazine Vol.4Make Remote Trigger, Add Crafted Trigger
Engineer Magazine Vol.1Make Noise Maker
Engineer Magazine Vol.2Make Smoke Bomb
How to use GeneratorsGenerator Maintenance
Guerilla Radio Vol.1Craft Makeshift Radio
Guerilla Radio Vol.2Craft Makeshift Walkie Talkie
Guerilla Radio Vol.3Craft Makeshift HAM Radio

In summary, there are many ways to level up the electrical skill in Project Zomboid and make the most of it in the game. By dismantling electronic devices, fixing generators, and reading skill books, you can increase your electrical skills and unlock new recipes and abilities. Whether you need the electrical skill to hot-wire vehicles or simply want to craft electronic devices, following these tips should help you achieve your goals.

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