Project Zomboid Room Defines and Item Spawns

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Room Defines and Item Spawns aesthetic Container Items counter Bath Towel, Comb, Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray, Razor, Scissors crate Bath Towel, Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray metalshelves Bath Towel, Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray aestheticstorage Container Items crate Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray metalshelves Hair Dye, Hairgel, Hairspray armyhanger Container Items counter Ball Peen Hammer, Battery, Blow Torch, Club Hammer, Crowbar, Duct Tape, Electric Wire, Electronics Scrap, Extinguisher, Flashlight, Hammer, Lead Pipe, Light Bulb, Metal Pipe, Pipe Wrench, Rope, Scrap Metal, Screwdriver, Screws, Sledgehammer, Tarp, Toolbox, Torch, Welding Rods, Wire, Wrench locker Beret Army, Boilersuit Flying, Dust Mask, Ear Muff Protectors, Glasses Aviators, Glasses … Read more

Item Books

Leisure Icon Literature Weight Boredom Change Unhappy Change Stress Change Item ID Book 0.5 -50 -40 -40 Base.Book Comic Book 0.1 -30 -20 -20 Base.ComicBook HottieZ 0.2 -40 0 -50 Base.HottieZ Magazine 0.2 -20 0 -15 Base.Magazine Newspaper 0.1 -15 0 -15 Base.Newspaper Notebooks The purpose of a notebook is to allow you to write … Read more

Item Weapons

Axe Icon Name Weight Damage Range Swing Time Critical Hit Chance Knockback Knockdown Durability Item Id HandAxe 2 0.7-1.5 0.61-1.1 4 15 0.3 2 150 Base.HandAxe AxeStone 1.2 0.5-1.5 0.61-1.2 3.0 15 0.3 1.5 25 Base.AxeStone PickAxe 3 1-2.2 0.61-1.6 3.0 25 0.3 2 260 Base.PickAxe Axe 3 0.8-2 0.61-1.2 3.0 20 0.3 2 455 … Read more

Item Bag List

For example, a bag with a capacity of 5 and a 50% weight-bearing rate will only allow a board with a weight of 3 to be placed in it. However, if the player equips this bag on his body, the contents of the bag will only weigh 1.5. Each type of backpack has a percentage … Read more

project zomboid items disappearing when dropped

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A bug in Project Zomboid is causing some players to lose items when they are dropped on the floor. This bug is particularly prevalent with mods, and it is causing frustration for many players who have lost valuable items. What Causes the Bug? The bug is caused by one or more mods that are not … Read more

Project Zomboid Foraging Guide

Foraging in Project Zomboid is a skill that allows players to find and gather various items from the environment. By right-clicking on a suitable area such as a woodland or grassland, players can search for items that can aid in their survival. The results of foraging are now dependent on the player’s skill level, with … Read more

project zomboid server settings

# Players can hurt and kill other players PVP=true # Game time stops when there are no players online PauseEmpty=true # Toggles global chat on or off. GlobalChat=true ChatStreams=s,r,a,w,y,sh,f,all # Clients may join without already having an account in the whitelist. If set to false, administrators must manually create username/password combos. Open=true # The first … Read more

Troubleshooting a server that is stuck on initializing

There are a few things you can try if you’re having trouble hosting a world or starting the game. To begin, ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements. Second, restart your computer and/or download and install the most recent Project Zomboid updates. If that doesn’t work, try the following suggestions: -If you are having … Read more