Project Zomboid: Raven Creek Online Interactive Map

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Project Zomboid: Raven Creek Online Map is a map that can be used to help you find your way around the game world of Project Zomboid. The map shows the in-game world as it would look from a bird’s eye view, and includes icons for important locations such as safe houses, resources, and zombies. The map is constantly updated as new information is discovered, making it an invaluable resource for survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

Raven Creek:

Raven Creek is an old map for Project Zomboid, but it’s a great one. It’s got plenty of places to explore, plenty of zombies to kill, and plenty of loot to find. It’s also got a great atmosphere, and it’s definitely worth checking out.” If you’re a fan of Project Zomboid, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Raven Creek

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How can I get to the city from the standard map?

If you want to get to the city from the standard map, you’ll need to go straight west from Rosewood. You’ll know you’re getting close when you see a road sign indicating the city.

Some Great Locations:

Raven Creek is a massive mod map for Project Zomboid. It’s absolutely huge, and it’s filled with loot, zombies. There are a ton of locations to explore, and the map is filled with secrets.

Army Base(Grid:305, 1124)

It is in the top northwest corner of the map. There are two gates you can go through, one on the southern eastern side of the base, and another on the northeastern side. The main compound inside the base has a hospital, and a warehouse. The second floor of the operation center has a few weapons. The hospital is a great place to get medical supplies and food. The tent city has individual military lockers, and a good supply area in the southern end(Grid:304, 1134). You will need a sledgehammer to get through the area near the southern end of the tent city.

The Warehouse(Grid:415, 1125)

The Warehouse is right next to the entrance that leads into raven creek. Overall, the warehouse is a great location to base yourself out of if you’re looking for a safe and secure place to survive while you loot the surrounding area for supplies. The only downside is that it’s relatively far from the majority of the action, but if you’re willing to make the trek there’s plenty of loot to be had.

Military Outpost(Grid:382, 1282)

The military outpost is a great place to find military gear and weapons. There is a lot of tents and equipment here, There is also a pre-placed generator inside the tent, so be careful to use it(It is better to move it outside).

The Prison(Grid:404, 1278)

Next to the military outpost, the prison is on the southern edge of town, away from everything else, The armoury is a room on the second floor that is used for storage of weapons and armor, It is a very easy room to access and is right up against the front door. And there is another larger armoury behind the mess area/infirmary, on the second floor.

Survivor’s house(Grid:378, 1239)

The location of this hidden prepper’s house is completely hidden and easy to find. It is right up against the water and is just a prepper’s house or a survivor’s house. If you take a look at the storage area the very first one, there’s actually a false back end there, someone’s actually hidden a second portion of that.

The second floor for the apartment has a variety of firearms and other prepper gear, as well as a window to allow for easy offloading of guns if needed. This is an important consideration for anyone who is prepping for the uncertain future, and makes it easier to have ready access to firearms in case of an emergency.

Police Station(Grid:379, 1179)

The police station in Raven Creek is a great location to start your search for the armory. It is quite buttoned up, so you will need a sledgehammer to get through some of the windows. There is a back entrance you can use to get inside easily(Grid:378, 1181). The armory is well-stocked with weapons and armor, so it is definitely worth your time to explore it.

Survivor Camp(Grid:377, 1173)

Right next to the police station, I think this is a great place to set up camp. It’s isolated, has plenty of resources, and is well-protected. The downside is that it’s a bit of a bottleneck, and there are a few zombies that can be a nuisance. Nevertheless, I would recommend this spot to anyone looking for a safe place to set up camp.

The Loading Docks(Grid:341, 1240)

Located on an island separate from Raven Creek, the loading docks are a dangerous place to be. The bridge connecting the docks to Raven Creek is a death trap, with zombies congregating all the way down. The bay itself is divided into sections, with different amounts of supplies and weaponry available. Be careful not to run into a crate full of zombies!

Other Great Location You may want to check:


Grid:493, 1343

Grid:317, 1323

Police Station:




Fire Station:



Gun Store:

Grid:412, 1134

Grid:394, 1232

Grid:369, 1144

Other Weapon Stash:

Grid:401, 1123 (In the 2nd floor of the building between the entrance towers.)

Grid:406, 1122 (2nd floor)

If you find any other great place, pls feel free to leave a comment to let us know!

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