Carpentry: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Keep You Alive

Welcome to the world of Project Zomboid, a post-apocalyptic survival game where you must use all of your skills and resources to stay alive. One important skill that you will need to learn is carpentry, which is the art of constructing and repairing structures and objects. In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of carpentry in Project Zomboid, including why it is important, how to level up your carpentry skill, and what you can build with it.

What is Carpentry and Why is it Important in Project Zomboid?

Carpentry is a construction skill that allows you to build and repair various structures and objects in Project Zomboid. With carpentry, you can build walls, doors, and stairs to protect your settlement from zombies, or construct furniture to make your home more comfortable. Carpentry is also useful for repairing damaged buildings and objects, which is especially important in a world where resources are scarce.

How to Fast Level Up Carpentry in Project Zomboid

There are several ways to level up your carpentry skill in Project Zomboid. One way is to simply practice carpentry by building and repairing structures and objects. Every time you complete a carpentry project, you will earn experience points (XP) that will help you level up your skill.

Another way to level up your carpentry skill is to choose an occupation or trait that gives you a boost in carpentry XP. For example, the Carpenter occupation starts with 2 points in carpentry and provides a 125% boost in XP. On the other hand, the Park Ranger and Construction Worker occupations both start with -4 points in carpentry but provide a 75% boost in XP. It’s up to you to decide which occupation or trait best fits your playstyle and goals.

Occupation/TraitStarting PointsCarpentry Experience Boost
Park Ranger-4+75%
Construction Worker-2+75%
Handy (Trait)-8+75%

The Process of Collecting Materials for Carpentry

To do carpentry in Project Zomboid, you will need to collect materials such as hammers, nails, and wood planks. Nails and hammers can be found in construction sites, garages, and toolboxes, while wood planks can be obtained by sawing logs or disassembling furniture and doors. To disassemble wooden furniture, you will need a combination of a hammer and saw or hammer and screwdriver. The amount of nails and planks you receive will depend on your carpentry level, with lower levels having a higher chance of getting unusable wood.

The Different Types of Carpentry Blueprints

There are several types of carpentry blueprints that you can use to build different structures and objects in Project Zomboid. Some examples include:

  • Wooden floors: the most basic carpentry structure, requires level 1 carpentry to build.
  • Barricades: can be built at any level, and are useful for blocking windows and doors.
  • Wooden walls: come in three levels, with each successive level requiring a higher carpentry skill.
  • Furniture: can be built at any level and comes in a variety of styles and strengths depending on your carpentry skill.

Troubleshooting: No Carpentry Menu?

If you are having trouble accessing the carpentry menu in Project Zomboid, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure you have a hammer in your inventory or bag, as this is required for the carpentry menu to appear. If you are using the Hydrocraft mod, this may be causing the issue. In build 41, you need only a hammer in either your inventory or bag in order for the carpentry menu to appear. If you are still having trouble, you may want to try disabling any other mods that you are using to see if they are causing the issue.


Carpentry is an essential skill in Project Zomboid, as it allows you to build and repair structures and objects that are essential for your survival. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced carpenter, there are always new things to learn and build in this challenging and immersive game. With practice and determination, you can master the art of carpentry and use it to make your mark in the post-apocalyptic world of Project Zomboid.

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