Project Zomboid Riverside Online Map

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Riverside(GIRD:645, 531)

Riverside is a great place to build a base because it has a lot of things you need to survive in the apocalypse. There is a river right next to it, so you can easily get your fishing needs fulfilled. The food market and grocery store are also great places to gather supplies.

The Best Base Locations in Riverside

Storage Center(Grid:553, 606)

The Storage center is a great place to set up a base, as it has a lot of furniture and generators already in place. There is also a mattress inside one of the bins, which can be easily moved without any carpentry tools or skill. This makes it a great bin to visit early on in the game to get what you need for your first night. Also, there is a factory nearby for any construction supplies that you might need, and a gas station to keep your cars stocked up. It can take a bit of time to get to and from the Storage center, so securing a vehicle first may be helpful.

Hotel(Grid:635, 525)

The Hotel is a large, open building that can be quite exposed, making it less desirable as a long-term base. However, it does have a bar on the northern end which can be an excellent source of booze both for making molotovs and having a nice drink to take the edge off in a bad situation. The building can also provide a plentiful source of things to dismantle, such as a pool which can be used to collect water and even fishing. The wardrobes in the rooms can often spawn bags, which are always a nice thing to have.

Gated Community(Grid:677, 532)

The Gated Community is a great place to live if you’re looking for security. Located on the east side of Riverside, this community is close to the main town but there are obvious downsides. The location is right on the corner of the street and although it has exterior fencing, it’s not all the way around the base. You also have a nice patch of land out back that’s relatively well protected from zombies. The big upside to this community is that there is a built-in fireplace that can be used to cook with chopped wood. There is also plenty of storage space in the building and room for a vehicle in the garage.

Bar(Grid:596, 542)

Bar is a great place to base because it is secluded. Additionally, the food market and grocery store nearby are both good places to find food to level up your skills.

Junkyard(Grid:580, 542)

Next to the bar, the junkyard is a great place to set up a base if you’re a fan of mechanics. It’s filled with wrecked cars, which means there’s plenty of potential for you to learn your skill. There’s also a full fence around the property, which makes it secure.

Country Club(Grid:575, 644)

The club is a hugely impressive bulding, with its large grounds and impressive tennis court. It would make a great base, with plenty of space to roam and plenty of amenities to enjoy. The club is also quite secluded, meaning that it would be relatively safe – and secure – from attack.

Some Great Locations

Police Station:

(Grid:608, 525)

Gas Station:

(Grid:608, 530) (Grid:543, 587)

Fishing Shop:

(Grid:591, 524)

VHS Store:

(Grid:620, 534)


(Grid:634, 534)


(Grid:650, 535)

Factory Storage:

(Grid:561, 596)

Auto Repair:

(Grid:543, 596)

Other Locations You May Want To Check

Loot For Guns :

Police Station (Grid:606, 526)

Loot For Sledgehammer:

Loot For Generator:

Gated Community(Grid:677, 532)

search all the nearby house’s garage

Loot For Books:

School (Grid:634, 545)

Book Store (Grid:643, 526)

Loot For Medic:

Loot For Clothes:

Clothes Store(Grid:650, 526)

Clothes Store (Grid:640, 526)

Clothes Store (Grid:624, 526)