Project Zomboid Muldraugh Online Map

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Muldraugh(GIRD:1061, 976)

Muldraugh is a town full of potential for the intrepid survivor. With many locations to loot and pillage, Muldraugh is the perfect place to set up a base and start your post-apocalyptic journey.

Best Base Locations in Muldraugh:

Farm(Grid:1082, 907):

The secluded Muldraugh northern farmhouse is a great choice for the beginner because it is easy to get started foraging, farming, and trapping. It is also close enough to the town where you would not have to take an entire day to get your looting supplies, but still secluded enough to feel like a private farm.

The McCoy Logging Corp(Grid:1032, 931):

The McCoy Logging Corp is a great base location for anyone looking for a safe and secure base to live in during the Muldraugh period. The interior garage doors make it easy to fit in vehicles, and there are hardly any zombies in the area, making it a great option for those looking for a peaceful and safe place to call home.

It is a great place to find gear for a survivor. There is a high chance of finding axes, sledgehammers, and other potent weapons. Additionally, you can find nails, gas canisters, and other supplies to help you survive.

Warehouse(Grid:1070, 1010):

The warehouse is a great location for storing loot, as it is centrally located in the town. It has a high chance of spawning a generator, which makes it an essential asset for any player. Additionally, the fence surrounding the warehouse makes it difficult for enemies to access, making it a stronghold against attacks.

The Northen Warehouse(Grid:1061, 931):

The Northern Warehouse is an excellent looting point for those looking for hardware and can make a decent base if secured properly. It can also be a great spot for those looking for food and resources. The big pull of Northern Warehouse is its close proximity to the rest of many valuable spots in Muldraugh, as well as its proximity to McCoy. The neighborhood just south of it can be looted for more food and resources.

The Isolated House(Grid:1094, 937):

The isolated house is quite unassuming until you realize the potential it has. Located on the eastern outskirts of town, this place is almost entirely surrounded by high fences. If you could secure the last four tiles on the offense, the house would be practically unbreakable and would provide a fortress for the player. However, they may have to scale the fences to get in and out.

Some Great Locations

Police Station:

Grid:(1063, 1040)

Gas Station:

Grid:(1065, 1062) Grid:(1061, 976)

VHS Store:

Grid:(1060, 1045)


Grid:(1062, 997)

Factory Storage:

Grid:(1030, 930)

Auto Repair:

Grid:(1060, 940)

Other Locations You May Want To Check

Loot For Guns :

Grid:(1063, 1040)

Loot For Sledgehammer:

Grid:(1070, 1044) Grid:(1071, 1042)

Loot For Generator:

Grid:(1075, 1034) Grid:(1071, 1014) Grid:(1068, 983)

Loot For Books:

Grid:(1060, 1036)

Loot For Medic:

Grid:(1087, 1002)

Loot For Clothes:

Grid:(1061, 1037) Grid:(1060, 1032) Grid:(1063, 990) Grid:(1061, 934)

If you find any other great locations, pls feel free to leave a comment to let us know!

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