6 Ways to Find a Sledgehammer(mace?) in Project Zomboid with Locations

Can’t find a sledgehammer? Sledgehammers can be found in a few different places in Project Zomboid. Here are 6 tips to help you find one:

  • Look for barricaded houses or survivor houses and search for a sledgehammer inside.

Just look for a house with the windows boarded up, which can be found scattered around the world. Inside these houses, you may be able to find a sledgehammer among other Crafting weapons and tools.

  • Look for a hardware store and look for a sledgehammer on the shelves or in crates.
  • Check car repair shops for a sledgehammer, as they have a chance of spawning there.

  • Look for warehouses in the industrial district and look for a sledgehammer among other supplies.

  • Look for manhole events that are randomly placed around the world, as they will always have a sledgehammer next to them.

  • Check the trunks of the meta event cars, as they have a chance of spawning there.

Find a Sledgehammer

locations that have a high chance to find a sledgehammer


  • Fire Station (Grid:814, 1172)
  • Auto Repair (Grid:815, 1132)
  • Gated Community Garages (Grid:802, 1151)

RoseWood Map


  • McCoy Logging Co. (Grid: 1033, 931)
  • Northern Warehouse (Grid: 1061, 931)
  • Car Repair Shop (Grid: 1061, 940)
  • Center Warehouse (Grid: 1069, 1010)
  • Two Warehouse (Grid: 1070, 1044)

Muldraugh Map


  • Factory Storage (Grid:561, 596)
  • Auto Shop (Grid:542, 569)
  • General Store (Grid:597, 535)
  • Tool Store (Grid:636, 532)

Riverside Map


  • Warehouse (Grid: 1214, 709)
  • Auto Shop (Grid: 1226, 693)
  • Tool Store (Grid: 1197, 691)
  • Car Repair Shop (Grid: 1189, 680)
  • General Store (Grid: 1182, 691)

WestPoint Map


  • Car Repair Shop (Grid: 1223, 138)
  • Warehouse (Grid: 1226, 131)
  • Big Warehouse (Grid: 1217, 160)
  • AUTO SHOP (Grid: 1226, 156) …

Louisville Map

How to spawn a sledgehammer with command

additem Gives an item to the player. /additem “user” “module.item”

You can use /additem “him” “Base.Sledgehammer” to give the Sledgehammer to him

How do I get into the gun store without a sledgehammer?

If you don’t have a sledgehammer, you can try to burn 2–3 corpses on the store’s entryway. Extinguish the fire as soon as the wall starts to burn, and you should be able to create an opening big enough to get inside.

Burn Corpses

How to Repair a Sledgehammer

The sledgehammer’s durability is exceptionally good and it takes a long time to break a sledgehammer with the chance of losing durability being 1 in 40, or just 2.5% per hit.

To repair the sledgehammer, you will need wood glue, duct tape, glue, and adhesive tape. You can potentially repair the sledgehammer by 55%, 20%, 10%, or 10% depending on which item you use. There is also a 100%, 95%, 95%, and 95% chance of success when using each item respectively.



Looking for a sledgehammer in Project Zomboid can be tricky, but with a little research and some luck, you should be able to find one. Try searching for barricaded houses, checking car repair shops, or looking for manhole events. If all else fails, you can try spawning a sledgehammer with the /additem command.