Can’t find glue in project zomboid? Here’s where to look!

If you’re playing Project Zomboid, you may find yourself in need of glue at some point to repair your weapons. While glue is a versatile repair material that can be used without any tools or a workbench, it can be a bit of a challenge to find. In this article, we’ll go over some tips for finding glue in Project Zomboid.

Where to Look

There are a number of different locations where you can try searching for glue in Project Zomboid. Schools, hardware stores, office buildings, and warehouses are all good places to start your search. In particular, schools are often a great source of glue, as desks there often contain glue. You can also try searching for glue in carpenter containers, counter containers, and metal shelves found in various locations.

Find Glue

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the spawn chance for glue in these containers is relatively low, ranging from 1% to 8%. You may need to search a number of different locations and containers before you are able to find the glue you need.

Quantity and Spawn Chance

The quantities of glue that can be found in containers can vary widely, with some containers containing as little as 0 glue and others containing as much as 4. Some of the locations with the highest spawn chances for glue include tool stores (8%), duffel bag containers in ToolsCache1 (32%), and counter containers in tool stores (8%).

It’s worth noting that the spawn chance for glue can vary based on the location and type of container. For example, counter containers in electronics stores and sewing stores have a spawn chance of 1%, while counter containers in schools, office buildings, and daycares have a spawn chance of 2%. Similarly, metal shelves in garages and schools have a spawn chance of 1% and 2%, respectively, while metal shelves in logging factories have a spawn chance of 1%.

Tips for Finding Glue

Here are a few additional tips to help you find glue in Project Zomboid:

Search a variety of locations: As mentioned above, glue can be found in a variety of different locations including schools, hardware stores, office buildings, and warehouses. Make sure to search a variety of different locations to increase your chances of finding glue.
Check desk and counter containers: Desks and counter containers are some of the most likely places to find glue, so be sure to search these types of containers whenever you come across them.
Look in metal shelves: Metal shelves are another good place to search for glue, as they have a relatively high spawn chance of 1-2%.
Keep an eye out for containers with a high spawn chance: As mentioned above, certain locations and types of containers have a higher spawn chance for glue than others. Make sure to keep an eye out for these locations and containers to increase your chances of finding glue.
In conclusion, while finding glue in Project Zomboid can be a bit of a challenge, it is possible to find it if you know where to look. By searching a variety of locations and containers, especially those with a higher spawn chance for glue, you can increase your chances of finding the glue you need to repair your weapons.

AreasContainersquantitiesspawn chance
allCarpenter Containers0 to 12%
allcounter Containers0 to 12%
allmetal_shelves Containers0 to 11%
electronicsstorecounter Containers0 to 11%
electronicsstoreshelves Containers0 to 11%
garagestoragemetal_shelves Containers0 to 12%
housewarestoreshelves Containers0 to 11%
loggingfactorycrate Containers0 to 11%
sewingstorecounter Containers0 to 11%
sewingstoreshelves Containers0 to 11%
shedcounter Containers0 to 15%
theatrestoragecrate Containers0 to 11%
ToolsCache1Bag_Duffelbag Containers0 to 18%
ToolsCache1Bag_DuffelBagTINT Containers0 to 432%
ToolsCache1counter Containers0 to 13%
ToolsCache1ToolsBox Containers0 to 18%
toolstorecounter Containers0 to 18%
toolstoreshelves Containers0 to 18%
alldesk Containers0 to 12%
allofficedrawers Containers0 to 12%
artstorecounter Containers0 to 12%
artstoreshelves Containers0 to 412%
bedroomcrate Containers0 to 10%
bedroomdesk Containers0 to 12%
classroomcounter Containers0 to 12%
classroomdesk Containers0 to 12%
classroommetal_shelves Containers0 to 12%
classroomshelves Containers0 to 12%
closetcrate Containers0 to 10%
daycarecounter Containers0 to 12%
daycaremetal_shelves Containers0 to 12%
daycareshelves Containers0 to 12%
garagestoragecrate Containers0 to 510%
librarycounter Containers0 to 12%
officecounter Containers0 to 12%
officecrate Containers0 to 48%
officedesk Containers0 to 28%
officemetal_shelves Containers0 to 48%
officestoragecrate Containers0 to 48%
officestoragemetal_shelves Containers0 to 48%
schoolstoragemetal_shelves Containers0 to 12%
storageunitcrate Containers0 to 510%
storageunitmetal_shelves Containers0 to 510%

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