Project Zomboid RoseWood Online Map

Type x and y to quickly navigate to the specified position.

Rose Wood(GIRD:814, 1173):

The rosewood is a very small map location low population so you won’t have to worry about many zombies at the very least though.

The Best Base Locations In Rose Wood:

Fire Station Base(Grid:813, 1173):

The fire station is a great place to live if you’re looking for a safe and secure place to stay. It has plenty of room to store your belongings, as well as vehicles and equipment. The kitchen is already installed, so you can start cooking your own food right away. There are multiple barracks that can serve as a place to sleep. The exterior of the building is well-defended, the firefighter gear is some of the best in the game, and is very protective. There is also a police station nearby if you need supplies.

Farmer House(Grid:833, 1174):

This is a great place to live if you’re looking to get your hands on some fresh produce. The house comes with a large garden plot, If you’re looking for a place to store your crops, this is the perfect spot. The house also has a separate bedroom, so you can have your own space.

Two Isolated Forest Houses(Grid:844, 1180 & 1173):

The two houses are located in a forest with a nice interior. It has a few garages, but not a lot of loot. It is close to town, so you can easily get things there.

The Construction Site(Grid:823, 1183):

The construction site is a great place to build a base because it has a fence all around it and it is in the middle of an open field. The fence protects you from zombies and also makes it easier to build your base. The three houses on the site can be used to store your supplies, and the log piles make it easy to get started building. The site is also close to a couple of other settlements, which means that you will be able to find more supplies.

The Gated Community(Grid:802, 1153):

Gated community is a great place to live if you want to be safe. The community is divided into different segments, each with its own fence. This makes it easy to see what is going on outside the community. The fences also keep unwanted people out.

With multiple homes and a lot of room for expansion, this community is perfect for a multiplayer game or for anyone who wants a place to call their own.

Northern Gas Station(Grid:817, 1126):

This gas station is a great place to build a fortress. It has an upstairs apartment that can be used to block off the horde from taking over the station, and it’s located right on the northern edge of town along the main strip. This makes it easy to access the entire town, even if you can’t build up close to it. The gas station also has a spiffer burger, a car repair shop, and a pizza joint right next to it, so you can easily pick up supplies if things get rough.