How To Hotwire Vehicles/Cars In Project Zomboid

The requirements for hot wiring a car in Project Zomboid

To hotwire a car in Project Zomboid, you will need to have a level 2 in mechanics and a level 1 in electrical.

How to level up your electrical and mechanics skills

You can easily get the electrical level by dismantling electronics with a screwdriver, reading skill books, or watching VHS tapes. To do this, equip the screwdriver to your primary hand and walk up to an electronic one. Right-click and select “disassemble.” For the mechanics level, you can read books, watch VHS tapes, or uninstall and reinstall car parts.

How to hot wire a car in Project Zomboid

To hotwire the car, You will need to get inside the car first, if the car was locked, you need to smash a window (Press “V”), Then press “E” to interact with the door in order to get inside the vehicle. Once inside, you will need to make sure you are sitting in the driver’s seat, you can switch your seat by pressing “Z”.

HotWire Engine

Then you need to press “V” to bring up the menu and select “Hotwire Engine.” If you are lucky, you will be able to hotwire the engine on the first try. If not, Just try again. Once the engine has been successfully hotwired, You will then need to click on “start engine.” If the car is in working condition, the engine should start on the first try. If not, simply try again until you succeed.

The burglar occupation in Project Zomboid

The burglar occupation in Project Zomboid is a great choice for those who want to be able to hotwire vehicles easily. The burglar has the skills needed to hotwire vehicles from the moment they spawn, making it a very useful occupation to have. With the ability to hotwire cars, the burglar can quickly get from one place to another without having to worry about keys or skills.

burglarBurglarStart points:-6Fitness 5
Strength 5
Nimble +100%
Sneak +100%
Lightfoot +100%
Can hotwire vehicles, less chance of breaking the lock of a window.
Occupation Burglar

How to fill a car in Project Zomboid

How to refuel your car

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