How To Siphon Gas In Project Zomboid

How to siphon gas

In order to siphon gas from a car or gas pump in Project Zomboid, players must first find an empty gas can or any kind of bottle. These can be found in various locations around the game world, such as tool sheds, warehouses, car trunks, garages, and trash cans.

Once the player has an empty gas can or bottle, they need to find a car or gas pump that they wish to siphon gas from. To do this, they approach the car or gas pump and press the “V” key to open the radial menu.

From there, then select the “Siphon Gas” option. It’s important to note that the gas pump needs to be connected to power in order for the player to be able to siphon gas from it. If it’s not connected to power, the player won’t be able to siphon any gas.

Use an empty bottle to siphon gas at a gas station, right-click on the gas pump, select Take Fuel, then select your bottle

Take Fuel

How to siphon gas from another car

The player character will need a gas can or empty bottle in order to siphon gas from another car – this can be done by pressing “V” near the car and selecting the ‘siphon gasoline’ option from the interaction menu.

Note that not every car will have gasoline in them, and that it is more common for vehicles to be empty.

Siphon Gasoline

How to refuel your car

refuel your car at the gas station

Stop your car, and let the fuel tank against the side of the Gas Pump. press the “V” key to open the radial menu, and select“Refuel from Gas Pump”.

Fuel Side Indicator Mod

This mod is a great addition for those who are tired of turning their car around in a gas station. The mod tells you which side your car’s gas tank is on, making refueling a lot easier.

refuel your car with a gas can

With a gas can in your hand, stand close to the car, press the “V” key to open the radial menu, and select“Add Gasoline”.

Where to find a gas can

Players can now use any bottle to carry gas. This change is extremely helpful if you haven’t been able to find a gas can, as bottles are much more common.

LocationAreaQuantitySpawn Chance
Garage StorageCounter Containers0 to 44%
Garage StorageMetal Shelves Containers0 to 44%

Gas stations Locations

where to find gas stations in project zomboid

The fuel API mod: what it is and what it does

The fuel API mod is a mod that allows players to store gasoline in barrels. This is a convenient way to store extra gas, and you will not have to worry about running out of space. The large fuel can allow you to siphon gas from cars and fuel pumps, giving you a much-needed resource in a time of crisis. This new update allows for a better way to store and carry gasoline.

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