How To Crouch or Sneak In Project Zomboid

The importance of crouching in Project Zomboid

Sneaking around in Project Zomboid can be extremely important, as it allows you to avoid detection by zombies. Additionally, crouching can help you train your Sneaking and Lightfooted skills, making it easier for you to move around without making too much noise.

For example, you can sneak up behind a zombie for a stealth kill.

How to crouch in Project Zomboid

To crouch in Project Zomboid, simply press the C button. Your character will hunch over and walk more quietly.

However, be aware that zombies can still see you if you’re crouching behind a see-through fence.

How to level up Sneaking fast

There are a few ways to level up your Sneaking skill quickly in Project Zomboid. One way is to crouch down low to the ground when you’re near a wall. Another way to sneak around quietly is to walk slowly by holding down the CTRL button or right-clicking. You can also sprint while crouching by holding down the SHIFT key.

The more you sneak around, the better you’ll be good at it and the faster you’ll level up. So get out there and start sneaking!

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