How to survive winter in Project Zomboid

Winter in Project Zomboid can be a challenging time, with short days, difficult farming conditions, and increased danger from zombies and the cold. In order to survive the winter months, it’s important to be prepared and take the necessary precautions.

Changes During Winter:

  • Daylight is at its lowest during the winter, so you have less time to do runs outside your base.
  • Outdoor farming is not possible, and indoor farming has limited yields.
  • Snow does not fill up rain catchers, and eating only vegetables or fruits can result in weight loss and damage to your character.
  • Cold, windchill, and hypothermia are three new moodles that occur during the winter. Sneezing from a cold also attracts zombies.

What to Stock Up On:

  • Non-perishable food items, and set up a base with a generator to keep your base powered after the power shuts off. Use fridges and freezers to keep perishable food fresh.
  • Appropriate clothing for the season, including items that will keep you warm, dry, and offer wind chill resistance.

Staying Warm:

  • Insulate your home to help keep heat in and cold out. You can do this by equipping clothes with high levels of insulation, building a stove or fireplace, and stocking up on winter clothes such as coats, hats, gloves, and boots.
  • Avoid indoor campfires as they can be a fire hazard. If you need to use a fire indoors, make sure to take precautions and have a way to extinguish it.
  • If you get wet, change into dry clothes as soon as possible to prevent hypothermia.
  • To stay warm in your car during a winter storm, put on warm clothes, blankets, and a hat. Run the car for short periods to warm up, but be careful not to run out of gas.

Winter Activities:

  • During the winter, you may need to spend more time indoors grinding fitness or skills. You can also loot, but it is safer to focus on grinding.
  • To pass the time, you can also try indoor activities such as reading, playing games, or cooking.

By following these tips, you can survive the winter in Project Zomboid and come out stronger on the other side.

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