3 ways to get into a locked gun shop in project zomboid

How to use a sledgehammer to break into the gun store

You’ll need a sledgehammer to get into the gun store in Project Zomboid. To find one, look for industrial buildings where they may spawn. Once you have one, go to the front door of the gun store and destroy the wall by right-clicking on it and selecting the Destroy option. Move your cursor so that the metal fences are highlighted, and you’ll be able to enter the store.

6 Ways to Find a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid with Locations

How to get into the gun store without a sledgehammer

If you don’t have a sledgehammer, you can try to burn 2–3 corpses in the store’s entryway. Extinguish the fire as soon as the wall starts to burn, and you should be able to create an opening big enough to get inside.

How do I get into the gun store without a sledgehammer?

How can I enter the gun store from the roof

For example, let’s take the West Point Gun Store as an example.

You will need a Hammer, a Crowbar , 2 Sheet Rope, 30 Planks, 32 Nails, and Carpentry level 2.

  • First, come to TWIGGY’S second floor, remove the window(pickup), and stand on the side of the window to build the first piece of flooring.
  • Keep building Wooden Floor to the roof of the gun store.
  • Build a wooden fence, put the Sheet Rope on
  • Now you can go into and out of gun stores as you please, and have a safe room that cannot be destroyed by zombies.
Get into the Gun Store

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