How to Find, Use and Repair Generator in Project Zomboid

The Generator is necessary for your survival in Project Zomboid. It allows you to generate electricity after the power cuts out. Many new players will find it challenging to obtain a Generator but don’t worry, I will explain how you can get your hands on one!

How to Find a Generator

Generators are found by Scavenging. This can be done in “Residential Warehouse Garages” or “Large Warehouses” and “Tool Sheds”. You can also scavenge on “Red Spots” on the ground to find one.

To correctly pick up the generator, players must first make sure they are empty handed. If they are carrying anything, they will need to drop it before picking up the generator.

Once they are empty handed, players can approach the generator and press the “Take Generator”.  The player will now be unable to attack or use any other items, but can move around freely.

If the player needs to put the generator down, they can press the “Drop Generator”. This will cause the generator to be placed on the ground under player.

How to Use a Generator

A Generator is fueled with “Gas” and can only be filled through theAdd Fuel context menu when turned off. You need to either have the “Electrician” occupation or read the “How to Use Generators” manual in order to use one.

It is easy to connect a generator to your home‘s electrical system. The generator can be connected to the house through the generator‘s context menu optionConnect Generator“. 

How to Repair a Generator

If you have a high enough electrical skill, you can repair the generator with one electronics scrap. The amount of durablilty restored increases with your electrical skill.

Optimal Location to Place a Generator

The Generator in Project Zomboid is extremely useful. However, a lot of players are unclear on how to utilize it. The best space for a Generator is the roof. This will stop zombies from being attracted to its noise and consequently smashing in all your doors and windows!

Generators must be placed outside of structures that players are planning to or currently occupy. The exhaust from generators will quickly cause negative health effects to characters. Leaving the structure will prevent damage, but the structure will be unsafe until the generator is shut off.

Connecting a Generator to a Light Source

A light source is necessary for you to hold out against the zombies, especially during night time. What exactly are your options for lighting if the power runs out?

In order to connect a generator to a light source, you will first need to obtain a light source. You can do this by taking a lamp from another location and placing it within your base.

Now that you have a source, you can activate the Generator. Select the “Connect Generator” option and move to the lamp, or any other sources of light you want to connect the generator with.

Congratulations! You can now effectively utilize a generator!


The Generator is an extremely useful tool in Project Zomboid and is necessary for your survival. By following the steps above, you will be able to find, use and repair a Generator with ease!