Best Places to Find Guns and Ammo in Project Zomboid!

The refugee camp at Louisville

Military Outpost

(Grid:1251, 419)

The Military Outpost is located on the outskirts of Louisville. It is filled with zombies. There are some weapons lockers and some clothing lockers.

But getting inside without being attacked by zombies can be difficult. The outpost will give you a good loadout and a fair bit of ammo.

The Louisville refugee camp is a great location for loot in multiplayer, but getting there can be tricky. The camp is full of shelves, cabinets, and lockers, as well as beds with boxes next to them that may contain weapons and clothing. On top of the two watch towers, there are also military locker cabinets that contain guns and ammo. The armory itself has a ridiculous amount of guns and ammo, and the crate contains even more. The only thing that might give you trouble with this location is the actual trip there. Bear in mind that if you’re in single player, you’ll likely need to break through the gates at the camp. For that reason, the accessibility of this location isn’t fantastic but it’s also not locked behind anything that would require a sledgehammer. It’s purely the process of getting there that can be tricky.

Army Surplus Store

(Grid:1223, 132)

The Army Surplus Store in Louisville is full of guns and ammo, with the best stuff located behind the counter. There are also military lockers and crates, tents, beds, and boxes containing weapons and clothing.

The Louisville police department and prison

(Grid:1241, 159)

The Louisville police department and prison are two of the most heavily fortified locations in the city. The police department has an armory with multiple armored doors and gun lockers, while the prison has a single gun locker in a tiny room.

The military checkpoints south of Louisville

(Grid:1343, 407)

It has 4 military lockers

Riverside Police Station

(Grid:608, 525)

The Riverside Police Station is a location in the game where you can find a gun locker. To get to the locker, you’ll need to break through an armored door. Once you’re inside, you’ll find a couple of shelves and cabinets with a gun locker in the corner.

Muldraugh Police Station

Grid:(1063, 1040)

The Muldraugh Police Station is a location in Muldraugh, Kentucky where players can find a gun locker. To get to the locker, players need to break through an armored door.

Ekron Police Station

There are two lockers full of guns and ammo, as well as a couple of shelves with more supplies.

West Point Gun Store

(Grid:1207, 676)

The West Point Gun Store is one of the best places in the game to stock up on ammo and weapons. It is located in the top right corner of the map, but it is not easy to get into. There are metal gates guarding the entrance to the gun store on the left side wall and inside the front door.

West Point Police Station

(Grid:1190, 694)

The player will need to break through two armored doors to get into the armory, which contains two shelves, a couple of cabinets, and two gun lockers. Be careful when walking into the building, as the alarm may go off.

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