How To Attach Sheet Rope To Window And Fence In Project Zomboid

How to use Escape ropes / Sheet ropes

Sheet ropes are used to escape from buildings. They can be crafted from sheets or large clothing items.

To use a sheet rope, you will need at least three or two sheets, a hammer, and nails. First, turn the sheets into sheet ropes(you need one rope item for every floor in your climb, including the ground floor. ). Next, nail the sheet ropes to the window frame(The window should be opened)

Attach Sheet Rope

How to use ropes to escape from a building, specifically in the event of a zombie attack.

You can hold “E” at the rope to use it.

If you want, you can also right-click the rope and pull it back up.

Zombies will attack the rope and destroy it quickly, so it is advisable to have multiple ropes on different sides of your building. This way, you will always have at least one way to quickly get in or out of your base.

How To Get And Make Sheets In Project Zomboid

How To Get And Make Sheets In Project Zomboid

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