How Does Fog Affect Zombie Vision And How To Make It Go Away

What does Fog do in project zomboid?

  • Fog can reduce the level of light, making it more difficult to see.
  • Fog can also make it more difficult to hear sounds.
  • Headlights do not work well in fog, making it more difficult to see zombies coming.

Does fog affect zombie vision?

We tested zombie vision with fog.

First, we spawn a zombie in the fog, at this time the zombies do not have any action after we remove the fog, the zombie began to move toward our character.

However, if a zombie does manage to render through the fog, they will be able to see the player as normal, This can be a problem if you’re trying to sneak around or avoid detection.

Also, their hearing is unaffected, so they may be able to hear humans before you see them.

This issue was present in an earlier version of the game, but it is unclear if it has been fixed in the latest update.

How weather affects various systems in Project Zomboid

The weather in Project Zomboid can have various effects on the player character, depending on the conditions. For example, high temperatures can lead to hyperthermia, while windy conditions can cause windchill. Temperature is also affected by factors such as the season, time of day, and airmass.

The weather can significantly impact various game systems, including farming, foraging, player health, and more. Players will need to be aware of the changing conditions and plan accordingly to survive.

How to make the Fog go away

Fog can be reduced in sandbox mode, but otherwise, it can last all-day

Maximum Fog Intensity

How the headlights work in fog

The headlights in fog do not work, and it is advised to use the cruise control (low speed) to avoid crashing

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