What Is the Best Firearm Weapon in Project Zomboid?

There are loads of firearms that players can choose from in Project Zomboid. With such a wide variety available, it can be confusing which weapon one should pick. Guns can also prove to be a double-edged sword if you don’t have enough information about them. For example, they produce massive noise if used without a silencer, at almost the same audacity as a police siren. Today, I’ll share some of the best firearms you can use in Project Zomboid!


Project Zomboid Gun Recommendations

  • Pistol Revolver

The original pistol revolver can be devastating if effectively utilized. This firearm is fantastic as long as your aiming skill is level 5.

  • Shotgun

Like the pistol revolver, if your aiming skill is level 5, the shotgun will have great accuracy. The only downside is that you can’t set up red dot sight and other accessories with it. You can search police stations to find ammo for the double-shot shotguns. Once you have a decent amount of ammo, you can massacre the entire city of zombies!

The M14 and M16 are complex weapons. If your aiming skill is low, forget about them. They can have worse performance on the initial levels than a .45 revolver. However, they can become pretty effective if equipped on a high aiming level along with complete accessories. The M14 can also be used as a sniper owing to its large magazine size.

  • MSR700

The MSR700 is a .223 round gun. If equipped with a scope, it translates to a one-shot, one-kill. It can also perform double kills with the same round of ammunition!

  • Hunting Rifle with a Mirror

The hunting rifle with a mirror can be a very effective weapon against zombies. However, I recommend using a silencer with this weapon so you don’t attract more zombies than you can handle!