build 41 project zomboid multiplayer no right-click menu fix

There is a bug in Project Zomboid that prevents players from interacting with objects using the right mouse button. This bug has been present since 2015 and affects multiplayer games. This makes it impossible to interact with many objects in the game, including important ones like TVs.

It is a UI issue that blocks the right-click on the inventory. This bug has been seen in other UI elements as well, such as the “Transfer All” and “Loot All” buttons. Changing containers often fixes the issue, but it can be frustrating for players.

It is unclear what is causing the bug, but it appears to be affecting only a small number of players.

If you’re in the same situation, you can try the following methods to resolve it:

  • Some players have found that pressing the spacebar instead of right-clicking will allow them to interact with objects, but this is not a guaranteed fix.
  • Additionally, if a player is in another player’s safe house but is not a member of that safe house, they will not be able to interact with any objects in the safe house. So make sure you have access to the safe house, and you can try to reset it.
  • Try switching between different screen fit modes(fullscreen, borderless, and windowed) to see if that makes any difference.
  • Try to update or disable all mods
  • Try UI scaling

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