how to add mods to project zomboid server

For local, hosted server.

Adding mods to a local, hosted server is a simple process. To begin, you must be subscribed to the mods that you wish to add to the server. Then, navigate to the hosted server’s settings and adjust the Mods tabs to activate the mods you desire. Simply save the server settings and restart the server. Anyone who connects should be instantly subscribed to the mods and allowed to play on the server without any problems.

For dedicated server

To install mods on a Project Zomboid dedicated server, you’ll first need to open the server’s .ini file and enable the Mods setting on line 19. Once mods are enabled, you can install them by placing them in the Mods folder inside the Server folder. Some mods may require additional configuration to work properly. Consult the documentation for each mod to determine if this is necessary.

But there are some things to keep in mind. First, any mods that are added will need to be enabled for players when they join the server. Second, it may be necessary for players to individually download the mods in order to use them. Finally, some mods may not work correctly with multiplayer servers.

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