How to add spawn point locations in multiplayer

How to determine coordinates for spawn points

This can be done by using a map tool like the one located at

Press “Grid”, Then select the point you want your spawn point to be. some green lines should appear. find the coordinates (you need the value of the grid that looks like this: “1304, 282”).

How to enable spawn point in a dedicated server

In multiplayer mode, players are not able to choose their spawn point by default. However, it is possible to enable spawn point choice in multiplayer mode by changing two different sets of settings in the dedicated server.

You need to edit the {server_name}.ini file. In the file, there is a line that says ” SpawnPoint=0,0,0″. Change “0,0,0” to your coordinate and save the file. This will allow players to spawn at your coordinates when they join the game.

How to add spawn point in multiplayer(INGAME)

Explore the “Spawn Regions” category (seventh option from the top) and the “SpawnPoint” input window in your in-game server settings. Change the value “0,0,0” to your coordinates. For example, if your coordinates are “1304×282,” simply type “13045, 2825, 0” (available: 1304[0–10]), and the height value should be left at 0, then press “SAVE.”

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