Set up and hosting a project zomboid server almost free

Crate a digital ocean account with the link below

Get started on DigitalOcean with a $200, 60-day credit for new users. <<—— Click Here

(To active your account. you need to make a small pre-payment ($5) for verification purposes. This pre-payment will apply to future bills)

Create A Droplet

Click the Droplet panel then click Console

Install panel and create a panel account

sudo wget;sudo sh

Copy the code, paste it to the console and hit enter, Then wait for the installation.

Create a Panel account

Open The Panel Web url

http://your server ip address such as (You can find your server ip on the Droplet panel)

Login in with your account

Add Location and Node

Click “Admin”

Click Locations –> Create New –> Create

Click Nodes –> Create New –> Create Node

*: Total Memory and Total DIsk Space should lower than your sever’s total number.

Add ports

Config and run node server

Switch back to the Console

sudo mkdir /etc/pterodactyl/
sudo nano /etc/pterodactyl/config.yml 

Run the code (hit enter)

Copy config from panel web

Paste it to the Console

Press Ctrl + x –> Y –> Enter, to save the config file

Install wings

sudo mkdir wings;cd wings 
sudo wget 
sudo docker-compose up -d

Run the command

Check if the node is connected

Add nest and egg

Click Nests –> Create New –>Save

Click Nests –> Import Egg

You can download Egg File here or on github

Add server

Click Servers –> Create New –> Create Server

Per user Per Port

Wait for server installation process end

Connect to your own server

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