Project Zomboid Enable Dedicated Server Whitelist

How to make your Project Zomboid server private

In order to make a Project Zomboid server private, the server settings must be changed. Open server_name(your server name).ini to edit the most common settings. To set a password, locate the Password= line and enter the desired password. Save the file and restart the server.

# Clients must know this password to join the server. (Ignored when hosting a server via the Host button)

Enabling a server whitelist

If you want to make sure that only authorized users can join your Pz server, you’ll need to set up a whitelist. A whitelist can be crucial if you’re running a private server. When you enable a whitelist, only players who are on the list will be able to join the server. To do this, locate the Open= line and change the value to false. This will turn on whitelisting.

# Clients may join without already having an account in the whitelist. If set to false, administrators must manually create username/password combos.

You can then use the server console to manage the whitelist. To add a user to the whitelist, you can use the “/addusertowhitelist [ID]” command. for example: /addusertowhitelist job, Add player job to the whitelist.

To remove a user from the whitelist, you can use the “/removeuserfromwhitelist [ID]” command. for example: /removeuserfromwhitelist job, Remove player job from whitelist

You can also use the “/addalltowhitelist” command to add all online users to the whitelist.

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