Health Dropping What To Do In Project Zomboid

What causes health dropping

You may be critically injured, or have glass or bullets in your wounds. If so you should remove any foreign objects from their wounds and keep them clean and bandaged to prevent infection.

1.Drank tainted water

2.Weight is too low.


4.Food poisoning, or eating rotten or raw food.

5.Close to any dead bodies for a long time.

6.Carrying a little too much.

7.Stay in the room with the generator on.
Optimal Location to Place a Generator

How to tell if you have food poisoning in Project Zomboid

To check for food poisoning, the player should check their health tab and look for the sick Moodle. If they see any wounds, it’s likely they were infected by a zombie. If not, check for the sick Moodle, This is a sign of food poisoning.

How to heal from food poisoning in Project Zomboid

If this is the case, the player can cure themselves by eating a lemon. If the player is truly infected with the zombie virus, there is no cure and they will eventually die. However, there are mods available that can prolong the player’s life, giving them a chance to find a cure or go out in a blaze of glory.

What to do if you eat rotten or raw food?

First, if you have a weak stomach trait, eating rotten food can kill you, so avoid doing that. Second, uncooked food can also make you sick, so be sure to cook everything thoroughly before eating it.

What to do if you think you are infected in Project Zomboid

The player has been infected with a zombie virus and is slowly dying from it. There are a few things that can be done, such as making a stash of helpful items, but ultimately the player will die from the virus.

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