The Helicopter Event In Project Zomboid

What is the helicopter event

The helicopter event is a major challenge in Project Zomboid. It occurs between days six and nine, typically around nine am or seven pm. The helicopter will make multiple passes on the same day, spending one to four hours in the area.

helicopter event

How to tell if a helicopter event will happen

There are ways to tell if a helicopter event is going to happen and ways to prepare for it. The helicopter event will spawn only once between day six and nine, between nine am and seven pm. You can check the emergency broadcast for the phrase “air activity detected.” If you see this, it means the helicopter is coming today.

The automated emergency broadcast system

The automated emergency broadcast system can be a lifesaver for new players in the game. Every radio has the potential to broadcast the system, and it is randomized with each run, so players can’t just memorize the frequency. Once a player has the radio, they will hear the weather broadcast every hour on the hour.


To find the right channel, start by clicking the power button on your radio (to turn it on). Then, look through the drop-down menu of channels until you find EBS Radio.

The channel may or may not be listed under its name; if not, keep looking through different radios until you find it. Once you’ve found the channel, write down the number so you can easily tune in to it on any radio.

What to do when you hear the automated emergency broadcast system

Once a player knows that a helicopter is coming, you have two main options for survival. The first option is to try to get in your bug-out vehicle and head out of town. If that’s not possible, then you can try to huff it on foot, being careful to avoid being spotted by the helicopter. If you are spotted, the helicopter will track you, leading the hordes of zombies to your location. The second option is to find a building and hunker down, fortifying it as best you can. This option is riskier but can be successful if you’re able to hold out long enough for the helicopter to leave.

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