How much server memory is needed for different player counts

To figure out how much RAM you will need for a Project Zomboid server, you must first calculate the number of players that will be on the server. You will need to multiply 500MB per player by the number of players, plus a base 2GB. So, if you plan on having two players, you will need at least 3GBs of RAM – 1GB for the two players and 2GB for the base server requirement.

However, for the best experience, We recommends adding 1–2GB extra if the system can handle it.

12GB may even be necessary for large servers with many players. Having enough memory can help with issues like car desync and door problems.

How to optimize server memory usage

To allocate more RAM to a Project Zomboid Server, We recommends opening the game and selecting the “Server Memory” option under “Host Game”. Various amounts of RAM will be displayed in a drop-down tab, and the user can select the amount that fits both the player number and their system specs.

What is the minimum amount of RAM needed for a server?

The minimum amount of RAM needed for a Project Zomboid server is 2 GB. However, we recommend selecting a server that fits the player number, the base server requirement, and your system specs.

What are the benefits of having more RAM in a server?

The benefits of having more RAM in a server are two-fold: first, it can help the server run more smoothly and efficiently; and second, it can help prevent against server crashes. Additionally, more RAM can help accommodate more players on a server.

What are the drawbacks of having less RAM in a server?

Having less RAM in a server can cause some performance and memory issues, especially if the server is set to have a lot of zombies or other entities.

Hosting a server in-game vs. hosting a dedicated server

There are two ways to host a Project Zomboid server – in-game or dedicated. In-game hosting is the simpler option, as it does not require any extra setup. However, dedicated servers offer a number of advantages, including better performance and stability.

Dedicated servers also allow you to customize your server settings and add mods to create a unique experience for your players. Ultimately, the decision of which option to choose depends on your needs and preferences.

In-game servers are typically easier to set up and run, and do not require any special hardware. They can be run on any computer that can run the game client, and can be easily shut down or restarted if needed.

However, in-game servers are less stable and may be subject to crashes or performance issues if the game client is not running smoothly. They also may be limited in terms of player capacity and server customization options.

How to ensure a lag-free experience for all players on a server

To ensure a lag-free experience for all players on a server, the player base and system requirements must be taken into account when choosing a server. It is also important to select a server location that is close to the majority of the player base.

Furthermore, it is crucial to keep your server up to date with the latest patches and updates in order to reduce the chance of exploits and bugs that could cause lag. Finally, allocating more RAM to a Project Zomboid Server can help to ensure a smooth experience for all players.

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