Keep Skills After Death In Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, death is not the end of your game. There are ways to mitigate the effects of dying and keep your items. One of the most popular ways to do this is through the use of mods. Another way to keep your items after death is through the use of the “Keep inventory” … Read more

Top 10 Best Armor Car Mod For Project Zomboid

W900 Semi-Truck W900 Semi-Truck This is a new mod that adds a Semi-Truck and compatible Semi-Trailer in multiple variants to the game. The truck can be outfitted with custom armor and bullbar, and the trailer lights will synchronize with the towing vehicle. The new vehicles and trailers can be spawned via the /addvehicle command. Doomsday … Read more

3 Project Zomboid Suppressor Mod

Silencer Fixed and Improved for 41MP Silencer Fixed and Improved for 41MP The addition of a silencer weapon part to the game provides players with a new option for silencing their firearms. While Metalworking skill is required to craft them, they are now available to all players. Additionally, a new 3D model for the homemade … Read more

Sit On Chair Mod For Project Zomboid

Can you sit on a chair Project Zomboid? True Actions. Act 2 – Lying mod allows you to sit on furniture that is facing in certain directions. How do you sit down on a couch in Project Zomboid? Since chairs are 2D and players are 3D, it can be more difficult to get the animations … Read more

9 Radio Mod For Project Zomboid

Survivor Radio Azakaela is a very talented modder and mapper who has created some amazing content for Project Zomboid. Her Survivor Radio mod adds incredible new content to the game, including voice acting and real music. Azakaela is also a musician, and her guitar mod and Survivor Radio mod both feature some of her own … Read more

More trait points mod for project zomboid


This is useful if you want to complete the challenge mode. +300 Points Trait Mod (Not working on build 41.xx)+300 Points Trait Adds a ‘negative’ (red) trait that you gain an extra 300 points to spend on your character. infinite Trait Points infinite Trait Points This Mo does nothing but gave you infinite extra points, … Read more

Scrap Gun, Armor and Weapon Mods

Scrap Armor The “Scrap Armor Mod” is a great addition to the game “project zomboid”. It allows you to use materials that you would normally find in the game to create armor and shields that are much more effective than the vanilla versions. The shields added by this mod are especially useful, as they help … Read more