9 Radio Mod For Project Zomboid

Survivor Radio

Azakaela is a very talented modder and mapper who has created some amazing content for Project Zomboid. Her Survivor Radio mod adds incredible new content to the game, including voice acting and real music. Azakaela is also a musician, and her guitar mod and Survivor Radio mod both feature some of her own songs. She is clearly very passionate about music and creative expression, and her mods reflect that.

93.4 [Radio] [Voiced] [Music] – Naturally Mortal Radio93.4[Radio] [Voiced] [Music] – Naturally Mortal Radio – Ran by Survivor, Erin Fontaine, this Pirate Radio Station is run from somewhere in the Exclusion Zone. Broadcasts 4 times daily (9:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 19:00)
71.0 [Radio] [Voiced] – Echo Station71.0[Radio] [Voiced] – Echo Station – A mysterious scientific outpost. Broadcasts 3 times daily at 0:00. 3:00 and 6:00
98.8 [Radio] [Voiced] [Music] – Classical for the Dead98.8[Radio] [Voiced] [Music] – Classical for the Dead – Jim Cameron, a highschool music teacher plays classical music for you while telling you about his daily struggles in the new apocalyptic world. Broadcasts every day at 19:00
101.4 [Radio] [Voiced] – Tarot Lady101.4[Radio] [Voiced] – Tarot Lady – Once a day you can have your fortune read by an unhinged woman with a deck of Tarot cards
102.4 [Radio] [Voiced] [Music] – Reverend Dan102.4[Radio] [Voiced] [Music] – Reverend Dan – Hear scripture, and classic Gospel hits!
97.6 [Radio] [Music] – KYZ Country97.6[Radio] [Music] – KYZ Country – Plays Outlaw Country Hits that are appropriate for the era!
94.0 [Radio] [Music] – Gallatin Underground94.0[Radio] [Music] – Gallatin Underground – Plays a bunch of punk music I recorded from real life indie bands from the Gallatin area.
93.6 [Radio] [Music] – Custom Frequency93.6[Radio] [Music] – Custom Frequency – Plays YOUR music – follow the instructions found in the discussion tab
93.8 [Radio] – Public Frequency93.8[Radio] – Public Frequency – Listen in on random survivor chatter!
77.0 [Radio] [Music] – Azakaela77.0[Radio] [Music] – Azakaela – Dad jokes followed by some of the Mod Author’s own music.
KBS [TV] – Kentucky Broadcasting SystemKBS[TV] – Kentucky Broadcasting System – A TV Channel with skill shows, and the famous “Prepared for Action” at 15:00.
Western Classic [TV]Western Classic[TV] – Currently plays 2 fake cowboy movies, as well as music Western Music written by Azakaela. More cowboy movies in future updates.
BOH [TV] – Box Home OfficeBOH[TV] – Box Home Office – Plays 2 Real Movie Excerpts, Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski And a full length movie (The Water Boy)

True Music

True Music mod allows all users to add their own music to the game. It also includes a vinyl player that works only with electricity and if there are speakers nearby. The mod also allows for users to add their own music Converters and Cover Pictures.

Keep That Radio ON!

This mod allows you to chat with friends on the radio and fight off the undead at the same time. It also lowers battery usage in walkies. It removes the requirement of batteries in HAM and other placed radios. Just set them up in a powered area and you’re good to go!

Radio Frequency Manager

The RFM mod adds a simple radio frequency library that enables you to easily store known radio channels and then quickly add them to any other device. Now you can easily listen to the same channels in your home, car, your portable radio or any random device in the world without having to manually add the presets every time. However, you still have to find and tune the frequencies yourself first. Additionally, the RFM mod doesn’t automatically discover frequencies or change the way stations work in any way, you still have to find them yourself the first time.

More Radio and TV

This mod adds a little more flavor to the game with extra channels. As of yet, there are two radio channels. A TV channel is upcoming. The content of this mod should not be taken seriously and should not be used by those under the legal age.

Turn off the TV/Radio from the context menu

You can turn off the power with a control panel. However, there is no guarantee that it will work in multiplayer mode.

Car Dashboard Radio Button

The mod adds a radio button to the vehicle dashboards that opens the device panel, the same as the one from the radial menu. If the radio is currently on, the icon is green; if the key is in the ignition and the radio is missing from the car, it is red; otherwise, it is gray.

Better Radio Mod

The ham radios allow for more communication between members of the community, as well as increasing the range for grid-powered civilian and makeshift ham radios. The Radio Parts can be used to craft radio receivers and transmitters, which enables people to increase their range for communications. It is advised to remove the battery before connecting the device to the grid in order to avoid losing data. Lastly, be sure to write down your presets before crafting these items as they will be deleted if picked up again after being placed.

Radio connected to the grid B41

This mod lets you connect all kinds of radios to the wall outlet, so there is no need for batteries. A perfect way to listen to Emergency broadcast or Survivor radio mod.

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