Cross Water By Swimming And Boats In Project Zomboid(With Mod)

To start swimming, you need to install the “Aquatsar Yacht Club” Mod

Diving into the Water

To dive into the water, choose the direction of movement, accelerate and jump into the water by pressing the space button with holding the shift.

You can save your energy if you swim slower. If you are exhausted, then stop and rest, then continue swimming.

Clothing & Equipment

You should know that all paper products (books, magazines) will taint immediately after entering the water. Therefore, you should put them in a bag or package in advance.

No matter how strong you are, if the weight of your things is high, you will have to throw them into the water. All your equipped things will remain, but the rest will go to the bottom.

Surprisingly, while swimming all your clothes get wet – so swimming in cold weather is the easiest way to get sick.

And remember that most often after swimming you will not have the strength to run.

How to improve your Swimming skills

The best way to do this is to read “Swimming Times Magazine”. It is also worth remembering the characteristics and skills.

But some statuses can negatively affect you – panic, intoxication, fatigue, pain – these are your main enemies.



The Aquatsar Yacht Club is a great mod to learn about sailing and motor boats. The initial briefing is very important, and it is important to be aware of the wind and weather conditions before setting out on your trip. Make sure to stock up on food, water, and medicines if you plan to swim to the boat, and be sure to check that all hatches are closed before leaving. When traveling, be careful not to throw things overboard and use the emergency evacuation plan if needed. Finally, be vigilant while sailing and know how to change the position of the sail in case of an emergency.

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