Sawed-Off Shotgun In Project Zomboid

The sawed-off JS-2000 shotgun is a popular weapon in the world of zombie apocalypse survival. It’s a pump-action shotgun that has had its barrels shortened, or “sawed off,” which gives it a unique look and feel. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of using a sawed-off JS-2000, as well as how to repair and attach it and where to find it.

Benefits of the Sawed-Off JS-2000

The sawed-off JS-2000 shotgun is a powerful weapon that can be useful in close-quarters combat. It holds six shotgun shells and has a wide pellet spread, meaning that it can deal significant damage to multiple targets with one shot. The sawed-off JS-2000 also has the special ability to be used for a drive-by shooting.

However, there are some drawbacks to using a sawed-off JS-2000. The biggest downside is that it has reduced durability, so it is more likely to break after extended use. Additionally, the sawed-off version of the JS-2000 has a shorter range and makes more noise, which can attract zombies from farther away.

Repairing and Attaching the Sawed-Off JS-2000

If your sawed-off JS-2000 shotgun breaks, you’ll need to find the right tools and materials to repair it. Unfortunately, once the barrels have been sawed off, they cannot be reattached. This means that you’ll have to find a new sawed-off JS-2000 if yours breaks.

To attach the sawed-off JS-2000 shotgun to your back, simply slide the weapon onto your back and secure it in place. You can then use the R key to reload the weapon. Attaching the sawed-off JS-2000 to your back allows for quick access and weight reduction.

Pros and Cons of Using a Shotgun

There are three main types of shotguns – sawed-off, double barrel, and regular. Each has its own set of pros and cons that should be considered before using one.

Sawed-off shotguns have a very short range but are much lighter and easier to carry than other types. They also have a more “zombie killer” vibe to them. However, their short range makes them less effective against multiple targets.

Double barrel shotguns have a slightly longer range than sawed-offs but are still shorter than regular shotguns. They are also heavier and more difficult to carry. Their main advantage is that they can fire two shots in quick succession.

Regular shotguns have the longest range of the three but are also the heaviest and most difficult to carry. They are the most effective against multiple targets but require more precision to use than the other two types.

Where to Find Shotguns

When searching for shotguns, you may want to try looking in warehouses, random houses, and police stations. These are common locations where you may find shotguns and other types of weapons. You may also want to set the loot to normal, as this will increase the chances of finding rare items like shotguns.


The sawed-off JS-2000 shotgun is a powerful weapon that can be useful in close-quarters combat. It has a wide pellet spread and the ability to be used for drive-by shootings. However, it also has reduced durability, a shorter range, and is louder than other shotguns. It can be repaired with the right tools and materials, but once its barrels have been sawed.

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