Maximizing Your Efficiency with Multi-Hit

Multi-hit is a popular mechanic in the game that allows players to hit multiple zombies with a single swing of their weapon. This can be incredibly useful for taking out large groups of enemies quickly and efficiently, but some players feel that it makes zombies too easy to dispatch. As a result, there has been some debate over how the mechanic should be implemented in the game.

Some players believe that the mechanic should be scaled with player combat skill levels, so that less skilled or experienced players would find it more difficult to hit multiple targets. This would add an element of challenge to the game and make it more realistic. Others argue that only certain weapons should be able to multi-hit, such as sledgehammers or baseball bats, while others like axes or pitchforks should not be able to hit more than one target. This would add an element of strategy to the game, as players would have to choose their weapons carefully depending on the situation.

Regardless of how the mechanic is implemented, players can still enable or disable multi-hit in the Custom Sandbox settings. In Apocalypse mode, multi-hit is turned off by default, but players can still enable it if they wish. To do so, simply go into the Custom Sandbox settings and check the “Weapon Multi-hit” box.

If players are experiencing issues with multi-hit on their zomboid server, there are a few troubleshooting steps they can try. The first thing to check is the _SandboxVars.lua file, as this is where the setting is controlled. Make sure that the value in this file is set to “true” if you want to enable multi-hit, or “false” if you want to disable it.

In Survivor mode and Sandbox mode, players may notice that they can only push one zombie at a time unless they have a weapon equipped. This appears to be how the game is designed, as only weapons are able to multi-hit, not normal pushing. If players are having trouble pushing multiple zombies, they can try using a weapon to see if that helps.

Overall, the multi-hit mechanic is a useful tool for players looking to take out large groups of zombies quickly and efficiently. However, there is some debate over how it should be implemented in the game, and players may need to troubleshoot issues on their zomboid server if they are experiencing problems. Regardless of how the mechanic is implemented, it can be a valuable tool for players looking to survive in a world overrun by the undead.

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