Multi-hit Mechanic in Zomboid: Benefits and drawbacks

What is multi-hit?

Multi-hit is a mechanic in the game that allows players to hit multiple zombies with a single swing of their weapon. This can be useful for taking out large groups of enemies quickly. Currently, many players feel that the mechanic makes zombies much less threatening. Some have suggested that the mechanic should be scaled with player combat skill levels so that less skilled or experienced players would find it more difficult to hit multiple targets. Others believe that only certain weapons should be able to multi-hit, such as sledgehammers or baseball bats, and that other weapons like axes or pitchforks should not be able to hit more than one target.

How do you enable/disable multi-hit?

When turned on, this feature allows zombies to be killed with multiple hits. but is turned off by default in the Apocalypse level. However, players can still enable multi-hit in Apocalypse mode by going into the Custom Sandbox settings and checking the “Weapon Multi-hit” box

How to troubleshoot multi-hit in a zomboid server

When I started renting a zomboid server, I found that multi-hit was already turned on. But, This caused issues because I didn’t have the setting configured properly. After some research, I found that the setting is controlled by a file called _SandboxVars.lua. Changing the value in this file from “true” to “false” fixed the problem. If you’re having trouble with multi-hit, be sure to check this file and make sure the setting is configured correctly.

MultiHit makes the game too easy

Some player argues that the game’s current implementation of the multihit mechanic makes zombies too easy to dispatch, and suggests that it be made more difficult. They argue that certain weapons, like a baseball bat, should not be able to hit multiple targets without a high level of skill or strength.

They suggest that only the heavy weapons should be able to multihit, as they are the only ones that make sense.

Why can’t I push more than one zombie at a time?

Some player is having difficulty pushing more than one zombie at a time in both Survivor mode and Sandbox mode, with the multi-hit setting enabled. They have tried various troubleshooting methods but have been unsuccessful. The player wonders if anyone has any ideas about what could be causing the issue.

It seems that in sandbox mode, the player is only able to push one zombie at a time unless they have a weapon equipped. This was tested by simply equipping a fork, which allowed the player to push multiple zombies. It’s unclear if this is how the game is supposed to work, as it states that only weapons have the ability to multihit, not normal pushing.

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