How to become desensitized in project zomboid

In the survival game Project Zomboid, panic can be a major hindrance to your character’s accuracy and vision in combat situations. When exposed to large groups of zombies or when a zombie comes into close proximity, your character may become panicked and suffer debuffs ranging from mild anxiety to severe reductions in accuracy and vision. To reduce panic and improve accuracy, players can have their character take beta blockers before shooting.

The desensitized trait is a beneficial trait to have in Project Zomboid as it allows a character to remain calm and focused in high-stress situations. This can be especially useful in combat, as it helps to improve accuracy with weapons. Players can become desensitized to the game’s zombies through the Become Desensitized mod, which increases the chance of the trait being acquired with each zombie kill. The mod allows players to set the number of kills required to become fully desensitized, which is set at 2000 by default. Certain traits and professions can also affect the chance of becoming desensitized, with traits like brave and lucky increasing the chance and traits like unlucky and cowardly decreasing it.

Zombie KillsChance of Gain Desensitized
500have a chance
2000100% chance
Chance of Gain Desensitized

Police Officer+5%
Fire Officer+2.5%
Park Ranger+1%
Security Guard+1%


In conclusion, the desensitized trait can be a valuable asset in Project Zomboid, helping players to remain focused and accurate in combat situations. It can be acquired through extended play and the Become Desensitized mod, and certain traits and professions can also increase the chance of acquiring it. By becoming desensitized, players can better defend themselves against the zombie hordes and increase their chances of survival.

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