How To Restore Power And Water In Project Zomboid

How to restore power

Without power, many of the appliances and conveniences we take for granted will be unavailable.

In order to restore power after an outage, you will need to operate a generator. This can be done by either being an electrician or locating the manual on how to use generators. Once you have done one of these things, you will be able to connect the generator to your base.


There are two metrics you need to keep an eye on when it comes to the generator: fuel and condition. When the fuel gets low, you will need to refill it with gas from a gas can. When the condition starts to drop, you will need to repair it with electronic scrap. One of the best ways to get electronic scrap is to take apart radios, CD players, TVs, and other electronic devices. Each repair with electronic scrap will improve the condition of the generator.

How to restore water

Place Rain Collector

The first thing you need to do is start hoarding water from other buildings. You can also get water from office water dispensers and refill them.

Other options for water include rainwater and river water. Remember to boil rain water before drinking it. You can also filter water by plumping a rain collector barrel above a sink.

The last way is to find a water well.

How to find and connect a generator

The best place to find a generator is a warehouse, storage unit, building, garage, or shed. Once you have located the generator, right-click on it and hit “take generator”. If the generator has fuel, it should work. The power consumption of the generator is dictated by the number of appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines when they’re being used and the lights.

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