cd player not working in project zomboid?

Somplayer says they’ve tried using a cd player, but all they hear is light static and no words are popping up. They think the portadisc is useless.

First you should know that Cd players are not supposed produce any sound in this game currently both in SP and MP!!!it should have text to display as it does for radio and TV, and potentially boredom reduction.

However, we did not see a fix for this issue in the changelog for build 41.66, so hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch.

CD player
project zomboid cd player gui

How do I fix my cd player, valutech portadisc not working in project zomboid?

If bug has been fixed then you should make sure: if you turn it on and add the CD to the CD player then it will probably work before and after the radio and TV broadcasts have finished, but if you don’t have batteries and the CD or CD player is not turned on then it may not work.

Make sure you have a cd player equipped in either the primary or secondary slot!

valutech portadisc, cdplayer spawn chance

AreasContainersquantitiesspawn chance
Bag_SmallHikingBagitems0 to 11%
Bag_BigHikingBagitems0 to 11%
Bag_DuffelBagitems0 to 11%
Bag_DuffelBagTINTitems0 to 11%
Bag_NormalHikingBagitems0 to 11%
Bag_Schoolbagitems0 to 11%
Handbagitems0 to 11%
Purseitems0 to 11%
alldesk0 to 11%
alldresser0 to 11%
alllocker0 to 816%
allofficedrawers0 to 11%
allwardrobe0 to 525%
BandPracticecrate0 to 48%
BandPracticemetal_shelves0 to 48%
bathroomlocker0 to 24288%
bedroomcrate0 to 520%
bedroomdesk0 to 11%
bedroomdresser0 to 11%
bedroomsidetable0 to 11%
bedroomwardrobe0 to 636%
changeroomlocker0 to 24288%
classroomdesk0 to 11%
closetcrate0 to 520%
daycarewardrobe0 to 11%
departmentstoragemetal_shelves0 to 8240%
Electriciancrate0 to 416%
Electricianmetal_shelves0 to 416%
factorystoragelocker0 to 48%
garagestoragecrate0 to 520%
garagestoragelocker0 to 48%
generalstoreshelves0 to 8240%
generalstorestorageshelves0 to 8240%
gigamartshelves0 to 8240%
halllocker0 to 48%
housewarestoreshelves0 to 8240%
kitchenwaresshelves0 to 8240%
laundrylocker0 to 48%
livingroomcrate0 to 416%
livingroomshelves0 to 832%
officedesk0 to 24%
pawnshopcrate0 to 416%
pawnshopofficecrate0 to 416%
pawnshopstoragecrate0 to 416%
pawnshopstoragemetal_shelves0 to 416%
prisoncellswardrobe0 to 44%
securitylocker0 to 48%
storageunitcrate0 to 520%
storageunitmetal_shelves0 to 520%

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