What causes discomfort and how to cure it in project zomboid

What causes discomfort

Discomfort“Something doesn’t feel right…”HP Below 80%, no effects

Symptoms of discomfort include queasiness, nausea, reduced strength and healing ability, and fever.

There are a few things that can cause discomfort or even death. Berries and mushrooms can cause food poisoning, which can be deadly in high enough doses.

Being exposed to zombie corpses for too long can also incur illness, as well as injuries incurred from combat if you don’t treat them quick enough or if you’re unlucky to become infected by the zombie virus sickness, which can produce a variety of symptoms including a general queasy feeling, nausea once it progresses further which reduces your strength and ability to heal. Next, you progress to the sick phase which further reduces your strength and healing ability, and finally fever

Anxiety is the only illness that isn’t outright deadly, but it can still make you feel pretty uncomfortable.

How to cure discomfort

There are a variety of ways to cure discomfort, including medication, painkillers, sleeping tablets, smoking, vitamins, and beta blockers. Each method has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and it is up to the individual to decide which method is best for them.

It is important to disinfect wounds and stitch them back up in order to avoid infection.

Pain can come from a variety of sources, including working out too intensely, being injured, or carrying too much loot. It can be treated with sleeping tablets, painkillers, or black sage.

If the Illnesses come from eating rotten food or berries, What to do if you eat a poisonous berry?

If you are exposed to zombie corpses for a long time, just stay away from them

Or if you’re unlucky to become infected by the zombie virus sickness, once the fever sets in the only hope to combat are being well fed and getting plenty of rest if you don’t do this odds are you’re going to die.

Now antibiotics will reduce the strength of the illness letting you recover sooner except for a zombie infection that’s a goner.

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