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The infection: symptoms, immunity

The origin of the virus is unknown, but it is speculated that it is a prion in the meat of Spiffo. An evolved version of mad cow disease.

Religious people believe that people are paying for their sins and that it is God’s punishment.


The symptoms of the virus include queasonous and nausea after two days and high fever which then kills its host. The corpse reanimates into a flesh-eating zombie that roams the world spreading the virus by its natural instinct of hunger. Reanimation time takes 0 to 60 seconds when the host is no longer occupying the brain, and the virus takes control some of its functions.

The first wave of infection

The first wave of infection is airborne, but there are people who are immune. Nobody knows the exact percentage of immune people, but it is estimated to be around 10 percent.

The second wave of infection

The second wave of infection happens when those who survived and are immune contract the virus through the fluid exchange, which is blood plus saliva or blood plus blood.

The initial outbreak

The initial outbreak started in Kentucky with a foul smell weeks before. 8 days before you start, Knox telecommunication takes down phone lines for maintenance(7–1).


6th of July, 3 days before Knox evacuation starts, the military sets up blockades around the border splitting everyone from the outer perimeter. This makes people really upset with nobody being able to get out or being able to get in to see their friends and family.

The Knox exclusion zone(July 9, 1993)

General John McGrew makes a statement at 11 a.m on July 9th(the day you spawn in) and says that the sickness is flu-like and leads to panic and confusion.

He also says that there is no evidence of fatalities within the exclusion zone which is not true. because as we can see when we spawn in, many infected individuals roam the streets.

The second day(July 11, 1993)

On day two world health organization closes all non-military or medical internal and international flights((after 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time)), massive panic emerges and people start looting and rioting in the major cities. The peacekeeping forces get stationed across the whole nation.


The Fort Knox military base was abandoned. Isolated cells were unlocked and soldiers were missing.

The third day(July 12, 1993)

On the third day gets messy, and the Knox exclusion zone gets widened due to the infection spreading to other parts of the region. Public anger leads to riots resulting in fatalities in New York, Miami, and l.a. a photo from west point gets leaked-A thirty-year-old man with blood all over the corners of his mouth, blood-stained clothes, one arm raised, and a thread hanging from the other, walking aimlessly down a street full of corpses.


Amateur radio broadcasts received from inside the exclusion zone (frequency: 107.6 MHz)

The fourth day(July 13, 1993)

The news confirmed that the infection is spread through fluid exchange also an interference happens that impacts radio broadcasts.

The fifth day(July 14, 1993)

The fifth day is the day that started the massive breakthrough early in the morning at the primary exclusion camp which is south of Louisville soldiers opened fire killing two unarmed people who were probably infected.

The angry protesters came and started making trouble which caused warning shots to be fired and tear gas to be deployed.

Those shots caused many infected to roll through the defenses and break the quarantine. The military then pulls out and the infection spreads further.

The sixth day(July 15, 1993)

Day six comes and people beyond the exclusion zone begin showing symptoms of the virus without fluid contact meaning the virus keeps spreading through the air

The seventh day(July 16, 1993)

Day seven rolls in the military destroy and blocks key bridges and river crossings all over the Ohio river trying to contain the outbreak

The eighth day(July 17, 1993)

On day eight the Knox event infection is confirmed in Africa and Europe. John Mcgrew’s final message described in detail the infection is released on tv.

he also mentions that if you’re hearing this you’re immune to airborne transmission but you will get infected by fluid contact.

He also mentions how infected people are not human anymore and that if your family or friends have been infected you should not hesitate to pull the trigger

The ninth day(July 18, 1993)

Knox event infections have been confirmed in the following areas: New Orleans. California Los Angeles. Berlin. Tokyo.

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