how to get rid of fever in project zomboid

What to do if you have a fever because Zombie bites

Zombie bites are always fatal in the game, and there is no known cure or treatment for a zombie bite. Once a person is bitten, they will eventually turn into a zombie themselves.

The best way to avoid bites is to get good at combat and use large weapons. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid letting zombies get close behind you, as they may grab you and bite you.

What to do if you have a cold/fever

If you have a cold or fever in Project Zomboid, the best course of treatment is to take it easy and remain as inactive as possible. This will help your character recover more quickly. Additionally, make sure to keep your character well-fed, as this will also aid in recovery. If you have painkillers on hand, taking these can help to reduce your character’s pain.

Common mallow is primarily used in first aid for reducing a cold by 5. It is the only known item that can directly reduce a cold.

Antibiotics may help to lessen the symptoms of a fever, but will not cure the underlying infection. Sleeping pills can help a person with a fever get some rest.

Toilet paper can be used to muffle their coughs and sneezes, making it easier to sneak past zombies while you’re ill.

Where to find Common mallow

Common mallow is only found through foraging, with 2–8 appearing at a time. The herbalist Herbalist trait or reading The Herbalist magazine is required to find it.

Unlike other plants, common mallow cannot be found during winter. The areas it is most often found in are deep forests, though it can also show up in regular forests, vegetation zones, farmland, and farming areas.

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