What’s the Use of Toilet Paper in Project Zomboid?

Although previously useless, toilet paper in Project Zomboid has received updates that give it more utility and make it useful in specific situations. Should the player’s character get a cold or otherwise become sick, toilet paper can be used to muffle their coughs and sneezes, making it easier to sneak past zombies while they’re ill. It can also be used for decoration purposes to enhance the player’s experience. When dropped, it makes an area look more realistic because of the clutter.


Toilet paper is often found in bathrooms or vehicles, but it can also spawn in any container within a randomized house, including fridges or ovens. It’s categorized as an item and weighs 0.2, making it very lightweight. Players have a chance to encounter what is known as a “toilet paper house“, which is a building that’s entirely filled with toilet paper. The buildings don’t have to be houses. They can be anything from a suburban home to a hardware store. The developers did this as a joke about people who started stockpiling toilet paper during the pandemic, and although it’s a rare event, it’s a fun one to encounter.